21 Talking Points on US Backed War in Yemen (Updated with Context and PDF)

I prepared the Fact Sheet below to distribute at a film being shown at the High Falls Film Festival.   ‘Yemeniettes’, a documentary film made by a Lebanese film company, follows a group of teenage girls who win a regional science contest from their enthusiastic invention to a local contest in Sana’a and then on to Doha, and then to the events that follow their winning this important international contest.  It is a delightful scenario, Though a level of the background violence is reflected in the film it mostly focuses on these very liberal Yemeniettes with their very capitalist (as well as nationalist) aspirations.

Sadly, current events have overrun the context of this film and it seems unlikely there will be any more Yemeniettes (or Yemenis of any stripe)  entering,  much less winning, regional science contests any time in the foreseeable future.  This is pertinent because the United States is providing all kinds of support to our Saudi Allies in their war effort.   If you enjoy this film, you should understand that.

The Saudi war on Yemen has been going on for 8 months, now.   All parties to the fight have been tainted by the violence that is war including the indigenous Yemeni movements that can claim a legitimate aspiration for the independence and sovereignty of their country.   Even so, the continuous foreign assault on Yemen must be condemned and every effort must be made to end that violation of the human rights of the people of Yemen and the sovereign right to independence and freedom from interference of the country. 

Yemen War Fact Sheet:

(click title to download pdf)

Did you know that Saudi Arabia, with US assistance, has been heavily bombing Yemen since March – and also maintaining a siege on Yemen?

  1. Up to 6000 civilians, including hundreds of children, have been killed by the Saudi led, US backed bombing campaign in Yemen, and 1000s more injured since March
  2. 1,000,000 people have been displaced by the bombing and fighting in major cities of Yemen;
  3. There has been major destruction of the physical infrastructure in Yemen including hospitals, schools, water treatment plants, power plants, fuel supplies and people’s homes
  4. Saudi Arabia has bombed the Houthi homelands in northern Yemen repeatedly over the last decade, and now has completely destroyed the city of Sa’ada;
  5. Saudi Arabia has fought 6 wars for control of Yemen over the last 60 years;
  6. The United States has regularly bombed Yemeni communities with drones, killing civilians, destroying infrastructure and raining terror on the people for more than 10 years, setting a very bad precedent.
  7. The US and UK have restored the Saudi weapons supply it became depleted so they could continue bombing.   The US supplied the illegal cluster bombs the Saudis used in Yemen.
  8. The US is providing intelligence to the Saudis and refueling coalition planes in the air.
  9. The US, UK and France are supporting the Saudi coalition siege on Yemen where children are now dying of thirst and disease.
  10. Prior to the bombing campaign there was indeed conflict in Yemen but the Houthis had not engaged in attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure;
  11. The Houthis have been the only force on the ground mounting a successful resistance to AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), which is now holding territory in Yemen including the port city of Mukhalla, recently struck by a devastating tropical storm
  12. Ansarullah, led by the Houthis, is backed by most of the Yemeni Army and past president Saleh, who was removed from power by the United States and Saudi Arabia a few years ago
  13. Other indigenous Yemeni factions have joined the fight including AQAP and Southern Separatists


  1. President Hadi, whom the Saudis are supporting, allowed his tenure to end without calling elections
  2. The Houthis marched to Sana’a to demand representation in government
  3. The Houthis have participated in the political structure to the best of their ability over the last several years and joined in UN facilitated talks to rewrite the Yemeni Constitution which President Hadi did not implement
  4. According to international experts, the Houthis do not receive significant aid from Iran and are not in any way representing Iran in their struggle – this is not a “Proxy War”
  5. The Saudis’ target, the Houthis, are a legitimate political actor in Yemen
  6. This US backed, Saudi led campaign is an intrusion into the internal politics of Yemen
  7. This US backed, Saudi led campaign has embroiled Yemen in an unnecessary civil war
  8. The US backed, Saudi War against Yemen constitutes a Crime Against Peace and is the site of numerous War Crimes

We in the US are complicit in the Saudi crimes against the People of Yemen!

It is paramount that the United States stop supporting Saudi aggression.

The Nations Security Council should act on behalf of the oppressed people of Yemen to put an end to Saudi aggression against them. Contact the US Mission to the UN: http://usun.state.gov/contact

Call or write to President Obama: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/write-or-call

and your Congressional Representatives: Senate: 202-224-3121, Congress: 202-224-3121

Demand that the US end support for Saudi Atrocities in Yemen!

Learn More:   http://www.saudius.org/  http://deconstructedglobe.com

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