A New Bermuda Triangle?

It looks like they are finally giving up on the Malaysian plane that disappeared once and for all.    There seems to be a consensus that the plane, for whatever reason, fell into the India Ocean.  And, it’s unlikely that the wreckage will be found.   And, if it is found, it will most likely be too late to retrieve any information from the black box.    I had been under the impression that black boxes were air tight and secure, and data could be retrieved from them far into the future.   But, I’m no expert on black boxes.

This never ending story has held top headlines here in the United States with non-stop coverage on cable news channels for two weeks, while the US sponsored coup in Ukraine backfired badly and Western officials scrambled to make sure Putin’s Russia came out smelling kind of trashy threatening.    A Malaysian plane was heading from Malaysia to China and carrying mostly Chinese passengers when it disappeared without a trace, well, with only some intriguing mysterious traces.   Somehow, there has been a US warship helping with the search almost from the beginning.   Little attention was paid to the dispatch of another American Warship to the Black Sea to confront the Russians over Crimea.  Shades of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

It has been reported that the Chinese people are angry and protesting about the lack of resolution of this disaster,  likely caused by a failure in an aircraft built by a US corporation and maintained in Malaysia.   More than 200 people were on the plane, and of course their families are distressed.  It is a tragedy.  But lets us not imagine that there is any sincere altruism in the production of Mainstream News.  Consider the coverage of the wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia.

We don’ t know what the Chinese government was doing about this disaster in their domain.   Very likely, that’s their preference.  Not a word has been printed about what the Chinese administration was thinking about all this ‘assistance’ from a country that is actively (if not militarily)  attacking their closest ally.  One can imagine the Chinese are pretty averse to having US warships making themselves at home in their regional waters and pumping the Malaysians for technical information most likely obtained from their satellites,  Could it be that assisting in disaster response is a subtle form of espionage?  Might our investigation actually have been interfering with whatever investigation they might have wished to conduct?

Maybe I’m putting too much into the situation.  But, It just struck me as a little odd.   When I mentioned this to my mother who was giving me the rundown on the lost plane the other day, she said

“It isn’t strange at all.  We Americans are a very compassionate people and this is a terrible tragedy.   So many people died!  Of course we want to help.   We don’t want anyone to suffer anywhere in the world.”

Mission accomplished, I’d say.

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