“The Muslims I Know”, An Invitation to Dialog

In “The Muslims I  Know“, Mara  introduces you to members of the community who whose lives in this country are in so many ways, little different from our own.   They enjoy the same parks and restaurants, attend the same schools and work in the same offiices.   More than that, they have the same hopes and fears, the same aspirations, and experience the same joys and sorrows.   But, they are people who chose to come to this country, and to stay, and to raise their families here.  These are the people who chose to be Americans.

In “The Muslims I Know”, Mara  engages each member of her entourage of Muslim Americans and their friends and neighbors to introduce him or herself and tell or show us something of their lives here and now,  intertwining their stories and familiar images of the local community with images of her birthplace,  Lahore Pakistan, and the culture in which she has her roots.

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My Name is Khan: showing in Irondequoit

In response to Call for Unity and Solidarity by STARI, a National Coalition to

Stand Together Against Racism and Islamophobia

Rochester Peace Action and Education Presents

The Award-Winning Film

My Name is Khan

Tuesday, February 16, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Irondequoit Town Library, Rm: Irondequoit Bay
1290 Titus Avenue, Rochester, NY 14617 (Enter from Kings Hwy)
** Free and Open to the Public **

My Name is Khan was Bollywood’s response to the anti-immigrant sentiment, dubbed Islamophobia, that arose in the United States after 9/11.               Today, exaggerated fears of ISIS and Syrian refugees have once again fueled the ugliness of Islamophobia, with attacks on mosques and vicious political rhetoric.

Due to the devastation caused by wars in the Middle East, Americans are once again allowing insecurity to overcome their compassion and good will.   Once again Americans are challenged to open our hearts to strangers.   It is good to be reminded of how our world looks to them.           You might be pleasantly surprised.

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STARI: Unity and Solidarity



  • Showing ‘My Name is Khan’ with Tabling for Islam, Peace and Justice, Anti-Racism, February 16th at 6:00 pm,  Irondequoit Town Library
  • Valentines Day Vigil, Albany NY, February 13th at Noon
  • Community Discussion, Violence or Non-Violence, Buffalo NY, February 14th 2pm
  • Peace and Justice Picket Line, Tallahassee, February 13th 12:30pm
  • “One People” Unity March and Rally, Houston TX, February 21st 3pm
  • First Year Explorations-Standing Together For Peace, Muslim Lives in America, Lone Start College, Houston, February 24th-25th
  • Presentation: Countering Islamophia, Lone Star College, Houston TX March 22nd 12:30pm
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50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War

This year will be celebrated as the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.   Already, the MSM and their corporate and government sponsors are ramping a celebration of heroism of those who won the war.  No, not Ho Chi Minh, who was indeed the last man standing.   No.  They want to celebrate the horrific US invasion of Vietnam, including massive airstrikes […]

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Gaza, Syria and Iraq, Wars Made in the USA

Gaza, Syria and Iraq, Wars Made in the USA   Upstate New York Tour with Judy Bello and Scott Williams *Connecting the Dots* ————————————— Israel’s brutal assault on the people of Gaza, targeting mostly children and civilians while destroying hospitals, schools, infrastructure and mosques, has been built and paid for by the US. On July 18, every single US Senator […]

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Fly Kites Not Drones

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Rochester Against War invite you to celebrate Nowruz, the Afghan New Year, with Kite Flying.   Please join us: Cobbs Hill Park Saturday, March 22, 1:00 – 3:00 PM (by Lake Riley on Culver Road  across from the Armory) Bring your own Kite           or fly one of ours! The Afghan Peace Volunteers are calling for […]

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