Rojava – A Popular Project of Empire

States had a hand in that decision as well.   Meanwhile, the time has passed and circumstances are changed.  The countries that currently exist in the Middle East may or may not survive but for us here to decide their fates is a continuation of a gross imperial violation of the rights of the people of that region.

We can’t decide which force in these war torn regions is really the one that will be best for the people there based on our assumptions about their reality.   That is why we have to withdraw from the field rather than attempt to determine what is best for the people and manage events so it will happen.   We can’t control the empire.  We can only resist it’s drive.    For us to decide what is best for the people there is like religious people who think they can apprehend God and God’s will in a particular way.   Our imaginations aren’t big enough to encompass God.  We can’t play god and make decisions for these regions where imperial decision makers have bee wreaking havoc for two centuries.

Rojava is and interesting example of this phenomenon.

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Syria What’s Ahead? Diplomacy or Military Escalation (VIDEO)

This week, the International Action Center hosted an informative forum on Syria with many excellent speakers.  Among them were several members of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Administrative Committee, all of whom have been closely monitoring the disastrous war on Syria over the last 4 years, which was one of the topics highlighted in our conference last spring.   Sara […]

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Selling Out Greece

The Greek people were given an opportunity to say whether or not  they were willing to accept the toxic bailout offered by the EU.    The  result of the referendum was a solid NO!   The very next day, Yanou Varoufakis, Finance MInister and  the most dedicated, intelligent and articulate spokesman in the  Syriza government, who was focused on building an alternative solution, was driven out of his position as the pivotal negotiator.

Within a week, Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsiparas, took the deal the people had voted to reject.   The people of Greece, ceased to be news, and the EU package became the central topic of discussion.

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The Nonviolent Hegemon

The antiwar movement in the United States is severely divided at present.  Even discounting the people who have drunk the Kool-Aid of the MSM or take at face value the pronouncements of US officials on foreign policy, there is much discussion around what  divides the antiwar movement and how can it be reformulated in a broader context.

There are some who have said that as revolutionary socialists they don’t always agree with’pacifists’.  I guess that is one guideline, but ‘revolution’ is different things to different people, and if you have ever gone to a nonviolence training you might have learned that the same is true of ‘pacifism’.  I consider myself both nonviolent and a revolutionary thinker.    There is a broad stroke that reflects the widest division of the antiwar movement as I see it.   That is the division between those who ‘buy’ U.S. hegemony and those who don’t ‘buy’ it.

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Serena Shim on Turkey

Serena Shim, a Lebanese American, reported for Press TV on the Syrian militants in Turkey.  . Her death, last week in a car crash in Turkey.  raised some serious questions.    Because Turkish Intelligence recently threatened to put her in prison, some believe that she was murdered, either by Turkish Intelligence or the CIA which is operating out of Incirlik […]

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The Futility of Asking Congress to Block the Next Gate

There are those who want to support emerging bills in Congress that would limit the administration’s ability to put ‘boots on the ground’ and give Obama an authorization for the current air war with an expiration date. I very much disagree with this strategy and believe that even promoting it is counter productive. Sometimes, instead of supporting a new law […]

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Consequences of US Neocolonial War on Iraq

On August 7, I spoke in Albany with Scott Williams on US Intervention is Gaza, Syria and Iraq.    US imperialist wars have had devastating consequences for the people of these countries and the societies they built over hundreds of years.   Of course you could include, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan . . . and the list goes on. […]

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Gaza, Syria and Iraq, Wars Made in the USA

Gaza, Syria and Iraq, Wars Made in the USA   Upstate New York Tour with Judy Bello and Scott Williams *Connecting the Dots* ————————————— Israel’s brutal assault on the people of Gaza, targeting mostly children and civilians while destroying hospitals, schools, infrastructure and mosques, has been built and paid for by the US. On July 18, every single US Senator […]

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Afghan Children and the News Merry-Go-Round

Today I spoke with friends in Kabul, members of Afghan Peace Volunteers, a group of young people who engage in peace building projects.   They make headscarves for mothers, sew and market blankets for rural families in winter, Their videos, which are consistently quite charming, can bee seen at  These young people from war torn Afghanistan are healing themselves by […]

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