George Panyne and I recording The Broken Spear Vision in the new studio for WRFR Rochester Free Radio

Syria and the Broken Spear Vision

Below is my recent interview with George Payne on his radio show, The Broken Spear Vision.   We talked about my trip to Syria from a variety of perspectives.   I’m always amazed at how much information we pack into each 1/2 hour show of the Broken Spear Vision.   George wrote an excellent article in which he embedded the interview and posted to his personal blog.   If we don’t agree on what is possible, George at least is open to what I have to say about my experiences and to the fact that I continue to look at the positive initiatives in Syria and the Region with the potential to restore not only the sovereignty of the smaller nations of the world but to move these populations towards a just peace.

Conversations on War and Peace with Judy Bello

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Rochester Free Radio and My Interview on the Broken Spear Vision

Rochester Free Radio has been airing the internet at  where they loop  scheduled programming daily.  In a week or two Rochester Free Radio will be going live on the air as WRFZ-LP at 106.3 FM.    This is very exciting!    Rochester will finally have a real community radio station.  In the meantime, George Payne has been interviewing local activists on The Broken Spear Vision, which is a regular component of  WRFZ programming.  I have been interviewed on The Broken Spear Vision a number of times, most recently last Sunday.

You can hear my interview on the player below:

If you like what you hear, I am archiving episodes of The Broken Spear Vision.  Click here or click the Broken Spear Vision Tab above.   And tune into Rochester Free Radio for more great shows.

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Asma Kaisi speaks with the Corries from Gaza

Asma Kaisi speaks with the Corries from Gaza just after the cease-fire has taken hold in the latest Israeli aggression against Gaza and the people of Palestine.  The conversation included Dr. Hakim Young with the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul and was facilitated by Doug Mackey as part of the Global Days of Listening which occur on the 21st of […]

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Gaza to Kabul : Voices from War Zones

Asma, a mother of 3 daughters under the age of five talks to the Afghan Peace Volunteers with Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence and Sherry Maurin; with Doug Mackey of Global Days of  Listening and Judy Bello of the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and George Payne of Gandhi Earth Keepers International in this recording from the August […]

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A Voice from Gaza: Living Under the Bombs

The Afghan Peace Volunteers have a Global Day of Listening call on the 21st Day of every month.  People come on the call to network with other activists and people living in troubled areas around the globe.   People participate in the call, and others join through a live-stream feed.  The idea is to form a global network of people […]

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Interview with Mayada Abdelhaq

I met Mayada in the very crowded lobby of the Dama Rose Hotel the evening before the Presidential Election.    She was having tea with a friend, but very happy to speak with an American come to be an Election Observer.     Mayada has lived in the UK for some years, but she still visits Syria, where she grew up, regularly. She […]

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A Voice from Kassab

I was with a group of 5 Americans, 3 Canadians and an Irishman who went to observe the Syrian election, but there were other observers from Asia, Africa and South America. On the way there, I thought about having a particular angle to report from, and I decided that since there weren’t many women observers that I would talk to […]

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