Storming Yemen

For nearly a decade the United States has used drones to target and kill suspected members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen.   Among others, US drones have killed busloads of civilians, guests attending weddings, taxi drivers, diners at a birthday party, people attending funerals and men attempting to reason with AQAP members.   When we complained about these practices, in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and other places, one response was that it was better than carpet bombing like we did in World War II.   That always seemed rather odd because World War II was a war, and the cities carpet bombed were ‘enemy’ cities.

I would say that, well, the places where the killer drones are operating are not places where it would be possible or ‘legal’ to carpet bomb.   There would be no way to explain such a serious divergence from humanitarian law, the laws of war.   They’ve made a fine point about targeting a globally dispersed enemy force, a point that I strongly disagree with though many are ready to buy it.   One would think it would be beyond imagination to justify heavy bombing, carpet bombing in the same circumstance.

But Yemen has turned the world of ‘legal’ warfare on it’s head.   Since last March, a Saudi led coalition of Gulf Emirates with US technical and political backing have been ferociously bombing Yemen

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In Their Own Words: US intelligence on AQI and the Syrian War

The DoD Document from 2012:

A number of bloggers have already reported on the DoD Intelligence Report from 2012 [1] that was recently obtained through a FOIA request and published by Judicial Watch a few weeks ago.   In fact so many people wrote about it that I wasn’t going to bother.   Until I noticed something, a quote that kept showing up in the reports, that is contradicted by earlier government documents related to Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). . . .

Earlier Research by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point:

To give some depth to this analysis, we can turn to a couple of earlier research reports obtained by Tony Cartalucci a year or more ago.    These reports,  Al Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq, a preliminary report published in late 2007, and Bombers, Bank Accounts and Bleedout: Al Qa’ida’s road in and out of Iraq, published in 2008, are research papers produced by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.   They are based on analysis of documents retrieved from an abandoned AQI base on Mt. Sinjar  where they received and deployed foreign fighters coming in through Syria. . . .

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Eye Catching Headlines

From Foreign Policy:   With Islamic State Routed from Kobani, Kurds Eye Mosul. So, what’s wrong with this picture.   Apparently, ISIS has abandoned Kobani.   Certainly the Kurds would like to see Mosul liberated.   It is just over the border of Iraqi Kurdistan and is home to many Kurds, though they are not the majority population. OK.  Let’s start again. Translation: With […]

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Cultural Racism and Ferguson

An Ugly Truth Surfaces in Ferguson It was a long hot summer for the black youth of St. Louis this year.  After 18 year old Michael Brown was killed by a white Police Officer in a St Louis Suburb, the people in the neighborhood stood up and said a resounding ‘NO’ to racists violence perpetrated by a largely white police […]

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