‘Sweden’s Failed Immigration’ Racist, Naval Gazing

A friend circulated the video below, a ‘Swedish Documentary On Failed Immigration‘,  with some enthusiasm.  I was interested at the time because I had met people in Iraqi Kurdistan who have relatives living in Sweden who appear to have become very well integrated into Swedish society.   However, I do not recommend it, and since I think the film is relevant to some of the ‘concerns’ raised about immigrants in this country, I decided to publish my critique of the film here.

The film begins with a series of questions.  They ask whether it would be cheaper to help refugees by allowing them to stay in their own countries and ending the Western supported wars that are driving them out.   In fact, this is what the majority of refugees would prefer, but the film is not concerned with the preferences of the refugees.   They also ask why there is a preponderance of men among the refugees arriving in Sweden.  This isn’t surprising as a single man can surely travel more efficiently than a woman with  children.   But they don’t ask how they could change this balance through providing more assistance to women and children in war zones.  Their concern is that these refugees, strangers to Sweden, mostly Arab men,  have been given permanent residency in their country.

What really jumped out was this message that Swedish culture is threatened and that Swedes are not allowed to question their countries reception of these immigrants, much less empowered to do anything about it.   The film asserts a concern that the majority of white Europeans (Swedes) in Sweden will soon be lost. In the United States there are those that express similar concerns that the US will soon be a majority black and brown country, which I don’t see happening any time soon here.   But about Sweden, the numbers given in the film itself reduce these  claims to absurdity.

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Who Enabled Trump’s Election?

The last week in march, The New Yorker published “Trump’s Money Man: The Reclusive Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind Trump’s Presidency“.   The article is also on their website.      A friend shared it with me, and the talk of big money behind a presidential campaign brought up mention of the Illuminati.

My view is that it is more about the ignorant thrashing of the nouveau riche than the machinations of the Illuminati.     These are the latest beneficiaries of the Neo Liberal global economy, and they are not pretty.   It’s kind off like looking at Neoconservatives Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz and the genius behind some very poorly conceived U.S. foreign Policy while neglecting  the influence of Henry Kissinger and Zbiegnew Brzezinski, along with Leo Strauss.

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Mourning in America

Guest Post by Hank Stone of Rochester Peace Action and Education and Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace.. I read an article entitled: “Why mass shootings don’t convince gun owners to support gun control.” The writer observes that each new mass shooting looks to gun control folks like a reason to regulate guns.  But the same event looks to gun rights […]

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National Security After 9/11

Two words in the American lexicon that I genuinely despise are national security. I wonder how many honest people have been intimidated, silenced, or even assassinated in order to “protect” national security. I also wonder how often judicial and due process has been completely abandoned so as to “maintain” national security-and how many walls, fences, and borders have been built for the sake of this insidious abstraction.

National security is an extremely dangerous euphemism for unchecked power. When someone- or some group- resorts to using this justification, they are almost certainly masking a severe crime.

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Syria What’s Ahead? Diplomacy or Military Escalation (VIDEO)

This week, the International Action Center hosted an informative forum on Syria with many excellent speakers.  Among them were several members of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Administrative Committee, all of whom have been closely monitoring the disastrous war on Syria over the last 4 years, which was one of the topics highlighted in our conference last spring.   Sara […]

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Selling Out Greece

The Greek people were given an opportunity to say whether or not  they were willing to accept the toxic bailout offered by the EU.    The  result of the referendum was a solid NO!   The very next day, Yanou Varoufakis, Finance MInister and  the most dedicated, intelligent and articulate spokesman in the  Syriza government, who was focused on building an alternative solution, was driven out of his position as the pivotal negotiator.

Within a week, Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsiparas, took the deal the people had voted to reject.   The people of Greece, ceased to be news, and the EU package became the central topic of discussion.

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Interview with Mayada Abdelhaq

I met Mayada in the very crowded lobby of the Dama Rose Hotel the evening before the Presidential Election.    She was having tea with a friend, but very happy to speak with an American come to be an Election Observer.     Mayada has lived in the UK for some years, but she still visits Syria, where she grew up, regularly. She […]

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A Syrian Woman’s Story

Those of us who went to observe the Syrian election were dispersed across the country on Election Day.   Some went to cities in the war zones like Homs, Aleppo and Sweita.   For whatever reason, I chose to go to Tartous.   I want to see some ordinary people in a part of the country that was not under continuous threat. I […]

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Education for Dummys

Today David Swanson posted to his blog under the title “War for Dummys”.   I don’t want to offend anyone, but I once used a ‘UNIX for Dummys’ book to beat a co-worker at solving a mysterious problem.   It was kind of humiliating, but it was only 1 problem, and “I Won!”.   Learning ‘for Dummys’ is more a reference […]

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