Dirty Politics Target NY Senator Gillibrand and the Iran Accord

The Iran Nuclear Deal, which I will henceforth refer to as the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) Iran Accord, has met and defeated its first Congressional Challenge.  On the same day a number of organizations around the country who support peace and diplomacy called for local vigils to thank the Senate members who supported the Iran Accord and to hold up a light for more diplomatic peace negotiations in the future.   Those who oppose the Iran Accord are a salty lot, many of whom are and have been avid advocates for new wars and ever more weapons sales and development throughout their careers.   Warmongers and advocates for Israeli dominance in the Middle East strongly oppose the Iran Accord.  Senator Gillibrand of New York broke with her old mentor, Chuck Schumer, to support the accord against the latest attack.

kirsten_gillibrand The offensive ad below ran in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on the day the Accord survived it’s first challenge in the senate.  The image is a photo shopped insult to the Iranian government and to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.   It is supported by a series of lies in the text, and the implication that Senator Gillibrand never votes her own mind.   They demand that she align her vote with Senator Schumer 100% of the time.   How offensive as that misogynist BS.  Stand aside dear men!  As the old saying goes, “Well behaved women don’t make history”.  So, congratulations Senator Gillibrand, on your new-found independence.

And then let us consider the Iranian negotiators who worked tirelessly for more than a year with diplomatic teams from the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and France to formulate an agreement that would satisfy all parties by assuring the world that Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes while freeing the Iranian people from the economic oppression of onerous sanctions.   The Iranian government, like our own has more conservative and progressive factions, who are more or less happy with this deal, but to photo shop them into an image of  Al Qaeda is as accurate as to show the Americans with their six-shooters and cowboy hats at the OK Corral.   Its time for all of us to check our guns at the door of diplomacy and find a way to live together in peace.  The first step is to acknowledge the dignity of all parties and treat one another with respect.

Peacemakers and Iranians are no strangers to slander in the US mainstream media.   Even so, this image lowers the bar for slimy propaganda in supposedly respectable Newspapers.  I looked up the organization that ran the ad and it appears to be a front for conservative conspiracy theorists.   One has to wonder where they get their funds and how much of a price break they got for advertising themselves as ‘not-for-profit’.   The fact that they are making a political demand should disqualify them from tax exemption, but maybe not a price break.

As a Rochester native, I have to say I’m ashamed that this is the caliber of material printed by our only daily newspaper.   If you would like to read what the JCPOA really says, you can read it HERE.

Slanderous Propaganda
Slanderous Propaganda In the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle!
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