More Postcards from Aleppo

Day to day life in Aleppo.

Nothing much took place in the city within the last week. “Normal” launching and shelling in the background. For the first time for me, I saw some mortars from the national army shelled at the terrorist areas at night, reddish slow mortars flying in the sky, then I wait for like 20 seconds after they disappeared from my sight, then the “booom” noise. People with experience in directions and areas would say right a way that this is against this or that nest of terrorists, but I don’t know. Those were definitely not a jet rocket nor the so-called “barrel bombs”. As i said, it’s pretty slow. The rockets launched from ground are way faster and much noisier.  The ones from jets have a different voice as well. In general, it’s pretty”normal”, and relatively “calm”.

As for Taduf / Tâdef, it’s a village in Aleppo province, famous with it’s purple eggplants. I can’t know what happened over there, if it was real or not. This is the first time for me to read such news from over there.

The other news from both the 2 Shii’a villages in the north, and Zabadânî mountainous village between Damascus and the Lebanese borders are mostly true. The terrorists attacked the villages in Aleppo and killed civilians. Those 2 villages have been under siege since 2012 or so.  I mean, the resistance against the terrorists is a real legend. At Zabadânî , the terrorists are losing in front the Syrian army and Lebanese Resistance (Hezbollah).

Water started reaching areas in Aleppo city, but didn’t reach our building and quarter yet. We passed 3 weeks without water from the city, and people were depending on water wells and springs, and water sellers. To have free water, people are lining in long crowd cues with their empty plastic gallons, to fill them up from this or that well. Some are OK for drinking, others are only for daily use.

Every one is busy with obtaining water, no one cares or gives a penny for the “barrel bombs” and such silly news in the main stream media.


– electricity is off since almost a month, except for couple of hours yesterday, when we turned on our AC’s for the first time since ages in this summer, and partially the last 3 summers.

– When meeting and seeing old friends or neighbors that I haven’t seen for a decade, they usually ask me the following question: Did the people in Canada and the US know what is happening to us? Do they care about knowing the truth? Or are they believing the lies of the so-called ‘opposition’ media?   In general, do the people of the world know what’s happening over here or not?

I thought to tell you that. You might be interested. I told them that I’m working on it. Some do know what’s happening, but the great mass believe what their governments tell them on the media. I hope that the truth seekers are growing.



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