Starvation in Syria: An Interview with Vanessa Beeley

The reports currently in the news about starvation in Syria are quite devastating.  The story has spread rapidly from social media to the mainstream news.    Today the New York Times published an article called:  Starving Syrians in Madaya Are Denied Aid Amid Political Jockeying.   The claim is that  the government has denied food to the people of Madaya, which is in an area where there has been intense fighting since last summer, This story has been a big scandal recently, with unidentified Syrians posting pictures and videos of emaciated starving people, including children on the internet.

Also this morning, Russia Today featured a story on Aid Convoys Entering Madaya about the food being delivered to the town by the United Nations.  RT also identified sources of some of the images which had been borrowed from other times and places.    According to the article in TeleSUR, Aide Convoys Leave Lebanon for Syrian Town Under Seige. some people in Madaya were indeed suffering from malnutrition and lack of medical care.  Other ‘rebel held’ towns in Syria not targeted by the government are also suffering from starvation.  This is the nature of war.

The Interview above with Vanessa Beeley was done some time last week, and Vanessa clearly explained the  starvation in Madaya and other towns and neighborhoods in Syria where the militants have control.   Vanessa explains, in this interview, a pattern which has been repeatedly acted out throughout the Syrian war.    Small numbers of militants control areas with large populations of civilians.   The government offers amnesty to any soldier who changes sides, and the SAA attempts to evacuate zones where battles are pending in the time before the battle is engaged.

The government attempts to supply food and electricity and other resources to the people in these areas.  This is true in the occupied parts of Aleppo and in Raqqa as well.    The militants, who control the areas receive the food and control distribution.   There is no other way.   Until the occupation of an area is removed, the government must deal with the militants to support the civilian residents.   The alternative to a siege would be bombing the area or abandoning the civilian population to the care of these men who don’t share food with them when it is delivered.

I posted an article not too long ago showing the Syrian Army (SAA) being welcomed with open arms in a neighborhood of Homs where 70,000 civilians have been held hostage by a few thousand militants for years.    During the period of occupation by the militants the people suffered a great deal. However, as you can see in the video, when the Syrian Arab Army rolled in they cheered in the streets and climbed on the tanks to hug and kiss their liberators.  They seemed pretty clear about who was on their side.

And when you think about it, who instigated the war, and continues to fuel it?    Who is flooding Syria with foreign fighters and who is flooding the battlefield with weapons?   Who is prolonging the war and undermining any attempt at a Political solution by demanding that ‘Assad must go!” where “Assad’ refers to the legitimate elected president, heading the legitimate government of Syria?    Of upi cam amswer  these questions, it will be clear who is starving the civilians in Madaya an who is causing seemingling unending misery and suffering to the people of Syria.


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