10 Reasons to Vigil Thursday for the Iran Accord

Please read this and come out one more time to tell Congress “We want peace and We want to start now!”
Henceforth I’m going to refer to the  Iran Accord.  ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ sounds crass and not necessarily positive!   If we are talking about ‘Peace’ lets use the language of ‘Peace’

We will Vigil to support those members of the House and Senate who are supporting the Iran Accord, a first step towards peace in the Middle East

You may wonder why, with 42 votes pledged in the Senate, we still want to come out and vigil.
Here are some thoughts to consider:

  1. They haven’t actually voted yet.
  2. New bills are already being introduced to undermine the Iran Accord
  3. Dick Cheney has joined Chuck Schumer on the stump to pass a bill to block the Iran Accord
  4. The Iran Accord is just the first step towards peace
    • The situation in Iraq and Syria is still boiling.  Do we want a war there or a diplomatic solution?
    • The United States is deeply involved in unrest in Ukraine right on the Russian border – What if Russia were raising hell in Mexico?
    • Do we want war with Russia or can we follow a road to peace?
    • If we get off at the first stop, we won’t be out of the woods
  5. War has become the central plank in our economy and we need to change that
    • Weapons makers Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Boeing, BAE are cleaning up
    • While other forms of manufacturing dwindle
    • Fewer young people in the US can afford college and those who do go, end up with loans they can’t pay
    • Because there aren’t enough civilian jobs
    • And we can’t get enough resources to fix our failing public school system
  6. The wars are looking bad right now.   Ugly truths have come out.  We need to press our advantage while the time is ripe.
  7. We can’t come out only when there is a dire crisis and expect consistent results
    • Those who support the war machine are on the job 24/7/360 days a year
    • The new wars are confusing because
      • the US role is contradictory and often camouflaged in the background
      • But we are deep in many conflicts and
      • there is a cabal of warmongers in Washington DC who will have their war if we don’t stop them
    • We need a process to keep the heat on – to hold their attention:
      • we must keep pushing them along the road to peace
      • we ask for something – we thank those who provide it  – we demand the next step
  8. The war mongers aren’t going to quit and neither can we
    • We need to support the people in Washington who address our concerns so they will continue to do so.
    • We need to support the peacemakers in Washington so they know we have their back – a month ago, today, and in the future
    • Its a lot to ask and a big job, but if we want to keep our democracy the time to stand up is now
  9. Money for jobs and education not for war and occupation!
  10. US out of the Middle East!

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