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Echo of Silence, re. Iranian Chemical Weapons Victims

The film below was recently posted on the Fellowship of Reconciliation Blog by Leila Zand.   It appears to have been recently distributed, though the Chemical Weapons attacks visited on Iran and her people are now nearly 30 years in the past.   Perhaps the event was triggered by the global discussion around Chemical Weapons attacks in …

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Wounds of Waziristan

Last Fall, I met Madiha Tahir in Pakistan when I went there with the CodePink Delegation to meet the victims of U.S. Drone strikes in Waziristan.   I have been working with  the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and end the Wars to end the Drone Wars for at least 6 years.   As long as …

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Chemical Weapons Update

The Nobel Peace Prize, it’s luster dulled by the wars of Barack Obama and the EU,  and Henry Kissinger’s lifetime record of supporting massacres, dictators and Israeli exceptionalism, was presented to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons this year.   According to Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the award was not …

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Life Under Drones

from The White Rose Reader: An Interview with Madiha Tahir by Paul Gottinger

Madiha Tahir is an independent journalist working in Pakistan.   She is also a student in the United States.   I met Madiha when she traveled with the CodePink Peace Delegation in Pakistan, of which I was a member.   Madiha is a dedicated researcher …

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Reports From The War Zone

I’m posting below the videos of Kathy Kelly, Buddy Bell and Cathy Breen presenting at the Flying Squirrel Community Space.   They bring us the reality that we have bestowed on other peoples through our imperialist wars and occupations in their countries.

They have with them a ‘Bean Poll’.    Two jars, labeled “Pentagon, Continued Warand …

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A Self Immolation and the Death of Resistance (Updated)

This morning, I was paging through the local Democrat and Chronicle, when I noticed a small article at the bottom of page 4, that is, the backside of page 3.   The article said that a man had poured a can of gasoline over his clothes and set himself on fire in the grassy mall in …

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