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Hancock 17 Trial, My Testimony

Testimony in the Case of Hancock Protesters from October 25, 2012 by Judith Bello, Presented January 24, 2014

Where I’m Coming From I’m 63 years old. I lived in a space of physical safety all of my life. But when I was a little girl, until about 1962, we had air raid drills in school …

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Removing History from the Textbooks

A guest on Democracy Now! today complained about the Japanese writing recent history out of the textbooks.   They don’t want young people to know about Japanese aggression preceding World War II.    The powers that be want to hide the atrocities Japan committed while occupying China and Korea.  They would erase the local roots …

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Network Neutrality Struck Down

I woke this morning to the news that Network Neutrality had lost to an appeal by the corporate providers.   This is a big setback, and personally raises in me a sense of despair.   Yes.  The decision can, and surely will be appealed yet again.  But look at the Supremes.  these are people who …

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