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Media and the War on Terror

Columbia Panel Poster

if you are in New York on the 27th:

(I hope to eventually get a recording, but you never know)

Re-presenting Pakistan: Journalism, Justice and the War on Terror

Pakistan has been called a failing state and the most dangerous country on earth. Yet, stories about the Pakistani victims of the “war on terror” …

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A Dove

I spent last week in the Onondaga County lockup for participating in a protest against the MQ9 Reaper drones flown over Afghanistan from Hancock Air National Guard Base.  Men sitting at  computer terminals in a suburb of Syracuse are flying high tech weapons over Afghanistan, killing people.   We were standing in the driveways outside …

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International Law and Protesting Drones

My Closing Argument in the Case of Hancock Protesters from October 25, 2012 Presented January 31, 2014


I would like to begin, Judge Gideon, by thanking you for your attention to our unique argument, and support for our learning process with regard to formal court procedures as pro se defendants.

I will preface …

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One Billion Women Rising

This Valentines Day, women around the world will rise up to celebrate their own experience.   They will rise up to demand security and empowerment.   I have said this many times.  It isn’t enough to allow women to participate in the patriarchal power structure.   Until women are respected as women; until women’s values …

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Israel has Plans to Occupy South Syria

Israel has plans to occupy a large swath in the south of Syria.   Shades of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war should be haunting us.

They say this is a defensive measure, but in a world where the western powers could not get permission to have a ‘no fly zone’, …

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ISIS vs Al Nusra

Isn’t it kind of interesting ‘central’ Al Qaeda just announced that their only true representative in Syria is Al Nusra,the same organization that the United States government has labeled ‘moderate Islamist’ in comparison to ISIS who are threatening their interests in Iraq as well as fighting in Syria?    Are we going to be be …

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