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Gaza, Syria and Iraq, Wars Made in the USA

Gaza, Syria and Iraq, Wars Made in the USA  

Upstate New York Tour with Judy Bello and Scott Williams

*Connecting the Dots*


Israel’s brutal assault on the people of Gaza, targeting mostly children and civilians while destroying hospitals, schools, infrastructure and mosques, has been built …

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Free Free Palestine! Democratic Palestine!

I’ve put a gallery of photos from today’s rally and march below the text.- click on an image to see full sized.

The incredible horrific slaughter of more than 700 people, mostly civilians, in Gaza, follows on a siege that imprisons nearly two million people in a small crowded territory without control over borders, …

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Netanyahu Says Hamas’ Rockets are ‘Nothing’

Today I thought I might take a break from the atrocities of imperialism and skip the news.  But I found myself drawn, perhaps by habit, and turned on Democracy Now! at 8:00.   And there he was, Benjamin Netanyahu, standing in Tel Aviv airport complaining bitterly about one small U.S. restraint in an atmosphere of overwhelming …

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On the Arab Spring

Syrian President Assad says some things that need to be said.

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Afghan Children and the News Merry-Go-Round

Today I spoke with friends in Kabul, members of Afghan Peace Volunteers, a group of young people who engage in peace building projects.   They make headscarves for mothers, sew and market blankets for rural families in winter, Their videos, which are consistently quite charming, can bee seen at http://ourjourneytosmile.com.  These young people from war torn …

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Rally to Demand an End to the Massacre of Palestinians

At 5pm on Friday, July 18, there will be a rally at the Federal Building in solidarity with the people in Gaza who are being massacred and driven from their homes by the Israeli army.   Yesterday Israel began a ground invasion into Gaza.   The US government, our government, has professed full support for Israeli actions.   …

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Hassidic Jews Reject Zionism

I came across this great video of anti-zionist Hassidic Jews at a pro-Palestine demonstration in London.  They are young and articulate and very clear in their message:

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Rochester Palestinians and Friends Come out to Support the People of Gaza

Once again Israel is slaughtering the residents of Gaza.    After 2 weeks of night raids and invasions of the privacy of the Palestinian people; after Israel had captured and incarcerated more than 250 men and boys without charge in vengeance for the killing of 3 Jewish boys from  Hebron.  Hebron is a boiling pot where …

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Interview with Mayada Abdelhaq

I met Mayada in the very crowded lobby of the Dama Rose Hotel the evening before the Presidential Election.    She was having tea with a friend, but very happy to speak with an American come to be an Election Observer.     Mayada has lived in the UK for some years, but she still visits Syria, where …

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Send Aafia Home

Please sign the petition linked below  to help Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a political prisoner, and also a victim of state terrorism. Aafia Siddiqui has been abused, humiliated, shot, and driven to the edge of sanity.   She was tried for one crime and convicted on the basis of false evidence of another.  There was no evidence …

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