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50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War

This year will be celebrated as the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.   Already, the MSM and their corporate and government sponsors are ramping a celebration of heroism of those who won the war.  No, not Ho Chi Minh, who was indeed the last man standing.   No.  They want to celebrate the horrific US invasion …

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Bombs Dropped on Vietnam

From Mother Jones: Bombs Dropped on Vietnam Between 1965 and 1973

Notice the red dots. 107 Countries signed the United Nations Cluster Munitions Convention in May of 2008. The United States was not one of them.

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Eye Catching Headlines

From Foreign Policy:   With Islamic State Routed from Kobani, Kurds Eye Mosul.

So, what’s wrong with this picture.   Apparently, ISIS has abandoned Kobani.   Certainly the Kurds would like to see Mosul liberated.   It is just over the border of Iraqi Kurdistan and is home to many Kurds, though they are not the majority population.

OK.  …

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