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Export of Armed Drones Approved

The United States government has just eased regulations on selling drones to other countries.  According to the New York Times, “The Obama administration is amending its regulations for weapons sales to allow the export of armed military drones to friendly nations and allies.”    In a later article they say that State Department Officials say “sales …

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Valentines Day and Never Ending Wars

Syria ** Iraq ** Pakistan ** Afghanistan ** Venezuela ** Ukraine ** Russia

Obama has requested an authorization for war on ISIS  in Iraq and Syria.     While Congress is gearing up to talk about it, the U.S. is already bombing there daily.  We have several hundred ‘advisors’ on the ground, who admit to …

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In Yemen on Friday the 13th

Yesterday,  the New York Times ran an article headlined In Yemen, Militants Are Increasingly Isolated.   Reading down, we read

It was not clear why the Western countries closed their embassies now, because they have been left open during much more violent times in the capital

Hmmm.    Why indeed?

Back to the headline, the wording gives …

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Islam and the Laws of War

Guest Post by Ali Mallah:

The Prophet, however urged his followers to treat their captives with clemency. He said to them “You are recommended to treat your captives kindly.” He also urged his Companions on the day of Badr to be kind to their captives. Accordingly the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be …

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