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Trump & Putin on the Sidelines

The first (as far as we know) in person meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 meeting got of to a rather awkward beginning with the international press flashing away and the two Presidents seated side by side at the center of a half moon, flanked by their foreign policy Gurus, Tillerson  and Lavrov, with translators perched behind their shoulders.   All  were clearly uncomfortable coming into the meeting, although Trump managed a respectful handshake.   Their words were formal and correct but their body language was telling a different story.   The tensions of the last months have definitely taken a toll.  However, at the very end of the event after the press event was called to a close, Putin leaned in and said something to Trump that caused them both to smile.

I made a little slide show of amusing  moments from this  bizarre meeting:

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Pious Hobby Lobby’s Shady Hobby

It appears that Hobby Lobby, the pious purveyor of fundamentalist Christianity and would be denier of basic reproductive healthcare services to women,  is also a supporter of cynical Muslims and Zionists in the business of plundering the Middle East.   How rich is that?   Actually, it’s very rich.    Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby, is a collector of early bibles and ancient artifacts.   If you have a fortune, why not spend it on something that enriches society?   $6.4 Billion ought to be enough to make some real headway.   In that light, the Green family who own Hobby Lobby are building a Museum of the Bible in Washington DC.   They have been gathering artifacts for it since 2009, and are very proud of their work.

However, their philanthropy looks a little different in light of their recent payment of $3 Million to resolve a civil case brought by the Department of Justice for their recent purchases of artifacts looted from Iraq through a dealer in the United Arab Emirates.

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