30th Annual Rochester Peace Parade

In Memory of all who suffered and died in war.

In Memory of all who suffered and died in war.


Those of us planning this year’s Peace Parade for Memorial Day invite you all to bring your members and your banners and march with us on Memorial Day in the 30th annual Peace Parade in Rochester.   Support for the  Peace Parade has dwindled over the last few years, but the need to show our commitment to peace to social justice and to the preservation our beautiful earth has grown ever greater.   Now, more than ever, the Rochester Community needs to know that we are here standing for Peace and Justice and welcoming all who would join us.     


It is time to be visible again!

Flyer for 30th Anniversary of Rochester Memorial Day Peace Parade

Flyer for 30th Anniversary of Rochester Memorial Day Peace Parade


You are invited to join us in the 30th Annual Rochester Memorial Day Peace Parade

Monday, May 26th,  at 10:00 AM  at Arnold Park and East Avenue.  Immediately following the Rochester Memorial Parade by 100 yards. Line-up at East Avenue and Arnold park.    Show that we can honor all who suffer and die due to war by working for peace with justice.  Click on flyer to Download.   Email rochesterpeaceparade@gmail.com with questions.

Please come with your members and walk with your banner.  Come on your own and walk with whomever you chose.  Bring your signs or carry ours.  We are planning the biggest, most visible Rochester Memorial Day Peace Parade in years. There are some wonderful street theater elements planned for the parade.

The Peace parade does not seek to denigrate the sacrifices of our military and their families.  Rather, it seeks to remind us of the suffering caused by war and the indivisibility of peace, justice and freedom.  Let’s make a statement on Memorial Day that we remember all the victims of war and we want to create a future that delivers peace and justice.


* This year’s parade is sponsored by MetroJustice,  Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace,  the Flying Squirrel Community Space, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, Rochester Against War and Rochester Friends Meeting,
** The organizing committee and Metro Justice, our primary sponsor, support women’s reproductive rights.

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