A Dove

I spent last week in the Onondaga County lockup for participating in a protest against the MQ9 Reaper drones flown over Afghanistan from Hancock Air National Guard Base.  Men sitting at  computer terminals in a suburb of Syracuse are flying high tech weapons over Afghanistan, killing people.   We were standing in the driveways outside their gates, blocking inbound traffic with our bodies and our banners.

In jail, we were locked down most of the day every day, so there was plenty of time for contemplation.  A Buddhist Nun came to visit and Jail Ministry brought me a book and a Rosary.   I didn’t feel well enough to do much yoga, so I spent some time in meditation and reciting mantra.

Om Mani Peme Hung . Om Mani Peme Hung . Om Mani Peme Hung . . .

May I be free of enmity and danger.   May I be free of mental suffering.   May I be free of physical suffering.   May I care for myself happily.   May all beings be free from enmity and danger.   May all beings be free from mental suffering.   May all beings be free from physical suffering.   May all beings care for themselves happily.   May all beings be Happy.   May all beings be free from suffering.   Let it be so.

There was a stain on the floor in my cell.   At certain times of day it looked to me like a dove.   I was sitting one day, holding my rosary, and I thought: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost’; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The dove is a symbol of Islam.   Islam is all about living responsibly in society.   Perhaps Islam is the perfection of the Judeo Christian revolution.

Islamic Dove

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    • Ray Doherty on February 26, 2014 at 10:21 pm
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    I appreciate and applaud your actions and admire you for speaking out against the drone strikes. Too many people in this country remain silent and more light needs to be done on this issue in the national media. I hope the film “Dirty Wars” wins the Oscar for best documentary. Thank you for all that you do for peace and justice in the world!

    Best regards,

    Ray Doherty
    Waitsfield, Vermont

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