Al Sissi Rising

Cartoon by the talented Sudanese artist, Khalid Wad Albaih
Found this on the Angry Arab News Service
(Who says Muslims don’t like cartoons?)

In today’s Washington Post the headline refers to General al Sissi’s “dizzying rise to the pinnacle”.  :  Egyptian courts have just sentenced more than 500 Muslim Brotherhood members to death for participating in demonstrations.    But, no problem.  Actions by the judiciary, we are told, are not related to the executive or the military dictator of the country.   So, al Sissi is cheerfully divesting from his military uniform in order to qualify for a presidential run, which I imagine he is sure to win.    Hopefully he will fare better than his predecessor, Mohammad Morsi, whom he deposed in a military coup, then arrested and imprisoned.   Morsi’s crimes appears to be, membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, and  winning an election.    

In the article they compare this brutal dictator groomed at the US War College as recently as 2006, who has unleashed a vicious military assault on anyone who dares to dissent, and imprisoned his democratically elected predecessor to  “Egypt’s most popular President, Gammal Abdel Nasser”.  Gammal Nasser and his cohorts deposed a king who went to Europe and lived well after loosing control of his country.   Nasser was a populist.   He gave regular  speeches on the radio about Arab unity and the right of regional sovereignty that were avidly followed by Egyptians and people all over the Middle East.   True Nasser was hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood, but at the time they were being trained by the same Western imperialists that nurtured al Sissi, to undermine him, a socialist with big ambitions for regional unity and sovereignty his people.

Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi would be better compared to Zia al Haq and Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, dictators sanctioned by the west because they were useful even at the expense of their own people.


Speaking of ‘dizziness’, what is it with Obama’s Secret Service?   An agent got so wasted in the Hague this week, he passed out in the hall and had to be carried to his room by hotel personnel.   And this isn’t the first time these guys have been busted for partying.  Apparently no one is really gunning for the President or he might be in big trouble.

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