Aleppo & Homs, A Tale of 2 Cities

Aleppo and Homs, he largest and third largest cities in Syria have been severely impacted over the last 6 years by the ongoing war. The destruction is horrific.   Finally, however, there is peace in which to think about rebuilding.   The opportunity exists to look around and evaluate the damage, and to begin to  think about rebuilding.    Below i have posted 2 very different short videos where the people who live in these cities explain what happened to them, and what activity is currently going on there.   Has restoration begun?  What will it entail?  When, if ever, do people plan on returning to these devastated areas?


Aleppo, a highly industrialized city not far from the Turkish border, the largest city in Syria, was engulfed by the war very late.   For a while, it almost seemed like Aleppo, a comfortable middle and working class city with high employment, would not be impacted by the awful violence that had invaded other parts of the country.   But war came to Aleppo in 2012 in the form of overwhelming devastation.   While Western Aleppo was secured by the government forces, much of the population of the Eastern part of the city was forced to flee.   The following video tells the story of Aleppo from the viewpoint of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry.


Homs, the third largest city in Syria, not far from Damascus but nearer the Jordanian border, was the first big city to experience an influx of violence and communal aggression against Christians and Alawites.   Local Mafias took over entire neighborhoods and set up checkpoints to contain the residents and protect their power bases.   The video below shows a walk through Homs in April of this year, with a guide explaining what happened there and what is going on there now.   Notice, as they pan through the wrecked buildings, that most of the damage does not appear to be caused by airstrikes, and especially not by so-called barrel bombs, which would land directly on the roof of a building, causing it to cave in and collapse from above.

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