Cabbage Comix Episode #1

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If you like Hank Funnies you will likely enjoy George Dardess’ latest offering. Cabbage Comix finds three of Rochester’s elder Protesters from East and Goodman reborn as Cabbages in farmer McGreggor’s garden. Getting settled there has been a tough row to hoe, but they will soon be uprooted find themselves  moving on.




Cabbage Comix, Episode #1
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  1. From one cabbage to another – George
    I think we need to educate Farmer McGregor on the basics of socialism as an answer to his
    rampant desire for capitalist profits by killing us cabbages. Once he understands that he can
    join our cabbage cooperative there’ll be plenty for all.

  2. Hank #18 (not up yet) should satisfy your longing, Hugh, to see Farmer McGregor become part of the solution, not part of the problem. His enlightenment is the product of surgical expertise! Cabbages make cabbages.

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