Cash Strapped Saudi Arabia and 9/11 Lawsuits

On the 8th of September, The Independent of London, ran article by veteran Middle East reporter Robert Fisk stating that Saudi Arabia cannot pay its workers or bills – yet continues to fund a war in Yemen.   According to Fisk

Almost unreported outside the Kingdom, the country’s big construction magnates – including that of the Binladen group – have not been paid by the Saudi government for major construction projects and a portion of the army of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and other workers have received no wages, some of them for up to seven months.


In Pakistan, whose soldiers make up a large number of the “Saudi” armed forces, there has been outrage, parliamentarians are asking why three Saudi companies have not paid salaries for eight months, refusing even to provide food for their employees. In some cases, the Pakistanis have paid their own nationals for food supplies.

. . .   On one occasion, the Indian consulate and local Indian expatriates brought food to the workers so that their people should not starve. The overall figure that the government owes the construction companies owed may be billions of dollars.

and regarding the Sunni Lebanese population, he says of the Saudi Oger Corporation,

The Saudi government insisted the company paid its employees. Many of them, it should be added, are Lebanese whose Sunni Muslims come from the Sunni areas of Lebanon who traditionally vote for the Sunni leader’s son Saad.

Robert Fisk reports that Saudi Arabia is too broke to pay construction contractors and guest workers.  Despite the impending multibillion dollar US-Saudi arms deal, which they are ready to pay for, the Saudi Royals.are not meeting their minimal social obligations.   He references the horrific violence and destruction of the Saudi led war on Yemen, and the fact that the Saudis are funding al Nusra, ie. Al Qaeda in Syria to undermine that state as well.   It is easy to judge the House of Saud for these crimes but they are actually US crimes being carried out by the Saudi regime.  American Presidents enjoy the company of Saudi Royals While more and more anti-war folks are sounding the call to stop arms sales to the Saudi government and remove their privileged status among US allies, the US government depends on them to facilitate US wars.   Despite a massive outpouring of sentiment in this country opposing the latest sale of weapons to the Saudi regime, Congress approved it.   The Saudi Royals may be greedy and manipulative and determined to control the Muslim World, but it is the United States rulers who are arrogant and ruthless and committed to rule the entire world.

Regardless of any effort by the United States to facilitate or protect the Royal House of Saud, or to abandon it, the laws of Karma may be just about to come round on the Saudi’s international ventures from behind, and perhaps on their masters as well.   They have spent a fortune seeding the narrow and violent Wahhabi version of Islam in India and Pakistan, Lebanon and Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia, and even in central Paris and Downtown Los Angeles.  What could be more generous than building schools for impoverished young people?  What could more righteous than building and administering mosques in countries that are deemed unfriendly to Islam and in places where people are disgruntled, oppressed?

Through these practices the Al Saud/Wahabi coalition that governs Arabia has used it’s money to buy influence, and more than that, to create cultural and political trends in these countries that undermine and even directly attack the mainstream culture.   You can see this clearly in Pakistan where, since the 80s when Zia Al Haq created Al Qaeda and the Taliban with US and Saudi assistance.  In Pakistan fundamentalists now openly attack Sufi and Shia, and people who follow traditional syncretistic modes of Islamic worship along with Christians and Sikhs.  In Lebanon, the government is paralyzed by a standoff between the Saudi funded Future Movement and the grassroots currents of Shia Hezbollah and their Christian allies.  Throughout the Middle East and all over the Muslim world, disaffected young men and women are directed through well funded mosques with Saudi or Saudi paid Imams, to go and fight with ISIS, Al Nusra and other militant fundamentalist organizations as soldiers of god.

What if the Saudi Princes could no longer afford these intrusive practices. What if their bad business checks came back to haunt them    While the Arabian economy is facing difficulties, the Saudi Royals remain flush with cash.    While they bomb Yemen with US planes and in the interest of US plans, the oppressive methods they use to keep the Shia who live in and around their oil fields from rising up are causing tensions within their borders.   How much poverty can the Al Saud family inflict on the people of Arabia before they demand change?   What if they can’t afford the effort to control, Pakistan and India, Lebanon and Jordan, the capital cities of Western Colonialists?  What if they are forced to face their irresponsible greed in the context of their own people?   Perhaps change would finally come to Arabia.

By the same token, we can wonder what kind of spectacle would be revealed should the US deep state lose it’s Saudi fig leaf?    The recently passed bill that allows the families of 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi political class for facilitating those who participated in the attack might just open a little window to let in the light.  The House and the Senate voted overwhelmingly to override a presidential veto by Obama, who later said that they would come to regret the action.

The Saudi government in 2011 had no reason to support an attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC or any of the other targets that day, and they didn’t have the access to manage a cover-up.  Saudi Arabs are not invisible in the United States and so they would not have been the ones to set the charges that brought down World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7.    If the Saudi regime really did facilitate the 9/11 attacks, then the US government was pulling the strings.   So, you can take the story however you like, but if you start down the Saudi path in your explanation, then you must surely end in Washington DC.


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