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Sep 16 2017

Off the Radar

There are a few events in US foreign policy that have not been covered in US Mainstream Media or have not been highlighted in their true context.   So, I’ll briefly list them below.

US Weapons going into Syria.

Dilyana Gaydhzandiev first wrote about the Silk Ways transport of weapons out of Bulgaria to the Middle East and North Africa with US military contractors involved.  The flights are under diplomatic immunity so their cargo is not inspected, and they generally make unscheduled stops to unload in secret.  . . .

Drone Strikes Have Doubled since Trump Presidency

Drone strikes have doubled since Trump came to power.  His recent  threat to refurbish the Afghan War and expand it into Pakistan is related to this increase in Drone strikes, most of which are in that region.   The news of civilian Drone strike victims is itself a victim of the new bipartisan, across the board censorship of media. . .

The Current Heroin Crisis Originates in the Afghan War

There is a huge heroin crisis in the US and globally as well.   Young people are more likely to die of a heroin overdose than of a disease.   When the US went to war with Afghanistan their opium imports were negligible.  . . .

In South America, US Proxies are Rolling Back the Gains of Popular Socialist Governments

In Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff was impeached and dismissed by a cabal of corrupt opposition politicians on the basis that she allowed some corruption to occur during her Presidency.   Lula, the most popular President Brazil has ever had, decided to run in the next election.   He has now been convicted corruption in a kangaroo court and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

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Jul 07 2017

Pious Hobby Lobby’s Shady Hobby

It appears that Hobby Lobby, the pious purveyor of fundamentalist Christianity and would be denier of basic reproductive healthcare services to women,  is also a supporter of cynical Muslims and Zionists in the business of plundering the Middle East.   How rich is that?   Actually, it’s very rich.    Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby, is a collector of early bibles and ancient artifacts.   If you have a fortune, why not spend it on something that enriches society?   $6.4 Billion ought to be enough to make some real headway.   In that light, the Green family who own Hobby Lobby are building a Museum of the Bible in Washington DC.   They have been gathering artifacts for it since 2009, and are very proud of their work.

However, their philanthropy looks a little different in light of their recent payment of $3 Million to resolve a civil case brought by the Department of Justice for their recent purchases of artifacts looted from Iraq through a dealer in the United Arab Emirates.

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Feb 22 2017

Journal, February 21-23, 2017

My friend Sarah Ahmed, an Iraqi dentist from Baghdad who is deeply engaged in helping the people of her country,  was interviewed for a an article on World Watch Monitor. She said “Cleaning up towns freed from ISIS erases their crimes.” .     She suggested that the damage done to people’s lives and communities be documented …

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Feb 21 2017

Journal February 20, 2017

Vitaly Churkin died at the UN this morning.    Listened to the obituaries for a while.   He was a man who knew diplomacy.    Susan Rice and Samantha Power sent their messages off condolence.   Power said she was ‘devastated’.   Imagine!   This is the same shrew who refused to attend the emergency meeting of the Security Council that …

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Dec 31 2016

Obama, Lost in Transition

Today, President Obama, in a most undignified act, closed two Russian Diplomatic Centers and gave 35  “diplomats and their families 72 hours to get out of the country.    The front page headline in the New York Times Reads Obama Strikes Back at Russia for Election Hacking.    When I arrived home from work today my son was watching the MSM coverage.   Loud, hysterical debate over the politics of the event, hysterical discussion of ongoing Russian interference in US internal affairs and what we should do next.   What will Trump do when he takes office emanated from his room.   He likes House of Cards and I wondered for a moment if they were so far ahead of the game that they somehow managed to simulate the events of the day.  But no.  This is our real president (for a few more weeks) and our real media (God help us).

One of the funniest bits was a commentator denouncing the dastardly Putin for continuing to interfere in US internal politics by not taking the bait and escalating the situation with a tit for tat expulsion of diplomats.   The commentator was truly distressed.  How dare Putin change the rules by refusing to play the game?!    But he truly funniest remark was a quote from a Republican who said that we will just have to wait for Donald Trump to come to power so we can have a mature and competent president.   I felt like I just fell into a rabbit hole!   Alice, are you still here?

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Jan 10 2016

The Interfaith Holiday Sing-A-Long

Just before Winter Solstice go I received an event notice for an Interfaith Holiday Sing-A-Long.  Seemed like an odd name but I love to sing along.   Hoping to do some caroling but the evening was more than that.  I went down to meet the group at the public market, a relatively large space with lots of parking, nestled in one of the old neighborhoods in the city.  …………….

When we returned to the Public Market, there were people there, and we could also hear various groups of carolers singing in the dark streets beyond.    There were some kind of preparations under way, and some of the men were standing around the back of a pickup truck where they were setting up a sound system.    Sheikh Ismet Husny Ahmad Akcin, the Imam of the Rochester Islamic Center began to chant the evening Call to Prayer and my mind stalled for a moment as the beautiful chant permeated my consciousness.   Then I began fumbling for my phone to record him.

If you have a few minutes, it is just nice to listen so as to have a feeling of the moment. So much of it was music.

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Dec 29 2015

Mourning in America

Guest Post by Hank Stone of Rochester Peace Action and Education and Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace..

I read an article entitled: “Why mass shootings don’t convince gun owners to support gun control.”

The writer observes that each new mass shooting looks to gun control folks like a reason to regulate guns.  But the same …

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Dec 08 2015

Mass Killers in the U.S. and Terrorism

On December 2nd, there was another ‘mass killing’ in San Bernardino last week that left 14 people dead and 12 injured.   I was at the laundromat watching the stand-of on the highway that ended a high speed chase and eventually, the lives of the shooters.  I had joined another customer watching avidly in front of the TV.   There has been a lot of fear and fear mongering across the country, and a lot of rather academic discussion about what to call this event.    The shooters were Muslim, but of course we don’t want to blame Islam for their crimes off the jump.   Apparently the man had a falling out with some fellow workers earlier in the day then returned to the party to commit mayhem.   But then a huge stash of weapons and explosives were found in SUV they had been driving, and a bigger stash of ammo and explosives in their home.   So then, well, it must be ‘Terrorism’ after all.

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Dec 06 2015

How to Emulate the Elephants

Paris was held hostage tonight. A football stadium was rocked by explosives. A cafe was ripped apart by machine gun fire. A theater was turned into a bloodbath.

To be candid, I do not care if this was orchestrated by ISIS, Al Qaeda in Yemen, the Russians, the French government, the CIA, the IDF, or some unknown entity. Murder is murder.

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Oct 24 2015

Photonics Brings a DoD Opportunity to Rochester

The city is on fire with talk about photonics, a new technology coming to Rochester in the kind of form that I must say I find difficult to envision in a positive way.    Of late, Rochester has fallen on hard times following the demise of once prosperous corporations that employed large numbers of individuals at …

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