FOR Hosts Panel Discussion on Drone Wars

On Friday, I participated in an Internet discussion on America’s Drone Wars hosted by Fellowship of Reconciliation on, last week.   Vonvo combines live images of the speakers with a chat box for comments and questions.   Lela Zand moderated  Noor Mir of CodePink, Nick Mottern of Know Drones and myself  in a very interesting discussion about the connections […]

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Media and the War on Terror

if you are in New York on the 27th: (I hope to eventually get a recording, but you never know) Re-presenting Pakistan: Journalism, Justice and the War on Terror Pakistan has been called a failing state and the most dangerous country on earth. Yet, stories about the Pakistani victims of the “war on terror” remain scant even though thousands of […]

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Drone Wars, P3: Who Will Tell the Emperor He Has No Clothes

A year ago October, around the same time I went to Pakistan to meet some Drone victims, visit the countryside where they live, two academic studies were released explicating concerns about the impact of Drone strikes on the civilian population in the Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA) of Pakistan along the Afghan border. One was published by a team from […]

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