Class and Race: What Happens When the ‘Have-Nots’ Become ‘Haves’?

SAVE THIS DATE: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
How are human rights affected by class and race?
The International Human Rights Day Committee
invites you to a discussion of
“Class and Race: What Happens When the ‘Have-nots’ Become ‘Haves’?”
through a Dramatic Reading of
“Palmer Park”
written by
Joanna McClelland Glass *** 

Dear human rights supporters:
Every year we gather as a community to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its Articles describe the hopes of the peoples of the world for a successful and peaceful future for all.   

For over a year now, the Rochester community has been focusing on racism’s threat to a peaceful future. We contributed to that focus by dedicating our 2012 Human Rights Day presentation to the topic of “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in an Era of Color Blindness.”

We extend that focus in 2013 by inviting the Rochester community to consider how human rights are affected by race and social class. We will do this through the lens of art with a dramatic reading of the acclaimed play, “Palmer Park,” by Joanna McClelland Glass.

The community will be moved by the dramatic presentation, first to acknowledge the often painful conflicts between race and social class and then to imagine fresh ways of overcoming such conflicts.

Because of the performance’s length, we have changed this year’s format. Instead of a pot-luck supper, we will host a pot-luck cookie snack at the evening’s conclusion. The program will begin at 6:30pm, in the DUPC sanctuary. The play will run for an hour and a half, with a brief intermission. There will be Q&A afterwards with the actors, followed by a call for action. Representatives of local groups working on race and class issues will be available to suggest ways people can get involved in solving problems caused by the interaction of race and social class.

Mary Boite; Sandra Cain, Penny Crudup, Downtown Presbyterian Church; George Dardess, Roman Catholic Deacon; Barbara Deming, Episcopal Diocesan Public Policy Committee; Steven Jarose, National Coalition Building Institute; Gail Mott, Rochester Committee on Latin America; Dave Atias, Green Party; Shirley Thompson; Pat Mannix, Metro Justice; Ed Lemon; Hank Stone, Citizens for a United Earth


Name of Organization or individual: ______________________________________________

Address & Zip Code: ___________________________________________________________

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A monetary contribution is welcome but not required.  A check made out to HUMAN RIGHTS DAY may be sent c/o Hank Stone, 1880 Route 64, Ionia, New York, 14475.

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