Cluster Bombs in Yemen

Saudi Arabia has used Cluster Bombs manufactured in the United States to bomb Yemen.   Many civilians are killed and wounded in the initial attack where more than 600 bomblets are distributed across a wide area by exploding the main bomb in the air.   Many of the bomblets don’t explode at the time of the initial attack, so they remain on the ground  like  landmines hidden on roadsides, in people’s fields and yards.   Many countries have signed a UN treaty that prohibits the use of cluster weapons but neither Saudi Arabia, Yemen or the United States is a signatory.   Sadly, Yemen originally signed the treaty, but a parliament heavily influenced by Saudi money later withdrew Yemen from the treaty. Of course all of these nations should sign the treaty, but the fact that these weapons are manufactured in the US and sold to the Saudis for use in their aggression on neighboring Yemen is shameful.

The Human Rights Watch Report below was sent to me by Yemeni supporter of this blog.


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