Connecting US Foreign Policy With Domestic Oppression

In the United States activists really need to focus on understanding and appreciating the depth of the connection between  US foreign policy and domestic oppression.   This is key to making any unified movement for change in this country,   In the interview below, Chris Hedges and Rania Khalek address this issue around US support for Israel.   They show how the militarized Israeli occupation of Palestine is  interwoven with the US deep state war machine, often referred to as the Military Industrial Complex.  After nearly 70 years, Israel remains at war with the indigenous population of the region within its borders as well as neighboring states.   The Israeli occupation of Palestine has significant parallels with the European oppression and ultimate genocide of the native population of the Americas, and especially North America.

Today, the United States supports Israeli militarism through financial and political support, while Israeli military research is implemented in the US military and police forces.   Israel is a colonial sandbox where racism and the ongoing development of militarized police tactics are the central features of its economy, supported by private benefactors and government subsidies from Europe and the United States.   Israel repays the debt through regional enforcement of western military and economic aggression and by playing bad cop to every good cop face her masters might present.


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