Consequences of US Neocolonial War on Iraq

On August 7, I spoke in Albany with Scott Williams on US Intervention is Gaza, Syria and Iraq.    US imperialist wars have had devastating consequences for the people of these countries and the societies they built over hundreds of years.   Of course you could include, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan . . . and the list goes on.

Two weeks before our presentation, Dahlia Wafsi spoke in the same venue about the devastating consequences to Iraq of more than 30 years of imperialist wars, sanctions and neoliberal economic programs.   Her talk was very interesting as she is very knowledgeable about Iraq and the various factions there.    Her presentation fills out the background for the part of my presentation that addresses the Jihadi warriors of the  Islamic State flooding back into Iraq, and providing an excuse for more imperialist intervention.

It is always interesting to watch Dahlia talk about Iraq as the subject is so intensely personal for her. Thank you, Dahlia for an informative talk and a wonderful introduction to our presentation.

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