Flying Kites on Nao Roz

On Saturday Rochester Upstate Activists came out in solidarity with the Afghan Peace Volunteers and Voices for Creative Nonviolence, UK Fly Kites Not Drones campaign to celebrate Nao Roz, the Afghan New Year,  by flying kites at a local park near a busy highway. It was 35 degrees under a steel grey sky, with 20 mph winds. Uncomfortable for humans, but glorious for keeping a kite aloft.

Posted to Rochester Indy media by Al Brundage.

On March 22 the Afghan Peace Volunteers called for an International Weekend of kite flying in opposition to the piloting of lethal Reaper and Predator drones over the towns and cities in Afghanistan threatening their homes and their families. The local event was sponsored by Rochester Against War.

In Afghanistan, kite flying is a traditional activity to celebrate Nao Roz, their New Years holiday, which falls on the Spring equinox. Kite flying is a popular activity of both children and adults in Afghanistan. One can vision the kites filling the sky in early spring as people emerge from their homes following a harsh winter in the mountains of Afghanistan. What a wonderful sight! Harsh winter indeed local kite flyers braved temperatures near freezing and 30 mph winds.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers wish to live without war and without drone strikes. They ask “Why not love?” These young people were born into a war that has plagued their country for decades. As US troops leave at the end of this year, they hope the drones will go with them so the war can finally end. You can see their video below:

Photos by Independent Film Maker  Mara Ahmed:

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