Gaza, Syria and Iraq: Wars Made in the USA

Here are the videos that Al Brundage Made of mine and Scott Williams’ presentations in Rochester.   We also gave the presentation in Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany.   We discuss the damage done by US Imperial wars in the Middle East.  Our discussion  is informed by our visit to Syria as Election Observers in early June.   The subject is still pretty much taboo so audiences ranged from 10-30 people.  But, it is definitely time to have this discussion.     US Imperialism and US Intervention in the Middle East go much deeper than most people realize.  The United States is deliberately exacerbating divisions in the Middle East, arming all sides, sponsoring genocidal organizations, and both supporting and fighting ISIS in Iraq in Syria.

PDF of My PowerPoint: Gaza, Iraq and Syria

PDF of Scott’s PowerPoint: Gaza, Syria, Iraq – Scott


PDF of Scott’s PowerPoint Focused on US Imperialism as it affects the wars in Gaza, Syria & Iraq

PDF of my PowerPoint:: Gaza, Iraq and Syria (with a focus on Syria and Iraq)

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