Hank Funnies, Episode #23

Hank Funnies are the creation of George Dardess of Rochester, NY.


In the Hank Funnies, George embroils his friends Hank Stone and Earl Sexton in some grand adventures. In Episode 23, Which is an emotion more worthy of pity? Judy’s grief at the loss of Gizmo (for Gizmo has truly been lost to her, not through cyanide spray but through Cupid’s arrow) or General Betrayus’ chagrin at being confronted with yet another ghastly eruption of the peace mongering virus? Let the audience decide.





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Hank and Earl (and George too, actually) are long time local activists who have been standing on the street corner with peace signs and good wishes (along with whatever other peace and justice activities they engage in) for as long as anyone can remember. The models for the Hank Funnies are Hank Stone and Earl Sexton of Rochester, but what strikes me is that every community has a Hank and Earl who have been out on the street protesting for peace for as long as anyone can remember. . . . and that’s the beauty of the Hank Funnies. Hank and Earl are the stars, but the ‘Funnies’ are about all of us.

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