Honduras, Hypocrisy and the New York Times

Yesterday the New York Times featured and article headlined “How the Most Dangerous Place on Earth Just Got Safer“.   Better yet, the subtitle is: “Programs funded by the United States are helping transform Honduras. Who says American power is dead?

So let’s take that apart for a minute.   “Programs funded by the United States are helping transform Honduras“.   Well, isn’t that nice.  In 2009, just 7 years ago, Honduras was doing pretty well.   President Manuel Zelaya’s programs to aid and empower the poor, the vast majority of Honduran citizens were working and people were living better than they had in a long time.   There was a feeling of hope for a better future for all in Honduras.   Well, except for some wealthy businessmen who felt that they were not getting their due.  The US has a large base in Honduras, and there were concerns about the effects of a democratized Honduras on US priorities.

So, a US backed coup approved by Hillary Clinton though publicly disavowed by Barack Obama, removed President Zelaya from office before he could secure himself to continue the popular transition.   In fact, Mr. Zelaya was removed from his bed in his pajamas in the middle of the night and flown out of the country.  A new neoliberal government appointed itself against a backdrop of rising protests.

People died from the density of tear gas used on the crowds.  After that, more people died from the bullets for those who didn’t know when to quit.  There was an election, but  Mr. Zelaya remained in exile and the coup legitimized it’s ascent to power.  Drug cartels moved in.   The country was swallowed up in poverty and inequality, drowning in violence, a failed state.

Only when thousands of unattended  Honduran children crossed the Mexican border into the US,   there was an outcry.   Nobody wanted them here. But they were children.  Desperate parents had put them on trains and buses and sent them north.   What could be done with them?   How could they be returned?  That’s when it became clear that something must be done.   This is where my story meets the story in the New York Times.

So, Yes.  You might ask “Who says American power is dead?”   But, isn’t Honduras in America?   So, OK.  USian power isn’t dead.   Granted.  The US gives and takes at it’s convenience.  So Hillary Clinton, who was largely responsible for destabilizing Honduras (along with Barack Obama) when she first took office as Secretary of State, is now running for President.   The New York Times wants us to know that the current administration SAVED Honduras through US NGO profiteers, and they don’t even mention that Honduras was doing well on it’s own until the ‘Americans’ – those that matter – intervened to destroy it under the direction of Hillary Clinton.

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