Israel has Plans to Occupy South Syria

Israel has plans to occupy a large swath in the south of Syria.   Shades of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war should be haunting us.

They say this is a defensive measure, but in a world where the western powers could not get permission to have a ‘no fly zone’, this will serve much the same purpose.   They will be assisted by ‘moderate’ Syrian Rebels who are being armed by the Untied States with heavy artillery for the purpose.  Sounds a little like the South Lebanon Army (SLA), a militia formed by Israel when it invaded Lebanon in 1982,

The area does not follow the border with Jordan, but delves deep into Syria.  Israel already occupies the Golan on it’s own border with Syria.  Furthermore, if I were Jordan, which borders the West Bank, an area once ceded to Jordan by Israel but later occupied by the same,  I would be feeling a little worried about encirclement.

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