Let Us Help The Yemeni People!

Let Us Help the Yemeni People!
– A Message from Caleb Maupin onboard the “Iran Shahed” Rescue Ship in the Persian Gulf

sent from Iranian escorted Red Crescent aid ship by Caleb Maupin of NYC

I have just heard what the US officials have said, and I must say that I and all the other peace activists aboard the Iran Shahed are filled with burning outrage.

Why should we drop the goods in Djibouti and let the United Nations deliver them for us? Why should we trust the United Nations, which has stood by and allowed the Saudi military to destroy Yemen and slaughter thousands of innocent people? Why should we specifically trust the United Nations Relief Works Agency, which has a history of disgusting scandals, mismanaging assistance to those in need? The United Nations cannot be trusted.

Its no secret from anyone that the UNRWA Refugee Camps in Jordan and Turkey are recruiting centers for anti-government militants in Syria and other terrorist groups. Articles from the New Yorker and other publications have described how deeply embedded the presence of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” is in UNRWA’s supposedly “peaceful” activities at Zaatari refugee camp. We do not want to provide aid to Al-Queda or ISIS. We do not want to provide aid to the Saudi military which is slaughtering people. We
want to help the innocent victims of this horrific war, and we will not pass our task on to the discredited and complicit United Nations.

** I would like to point out that the base in Djibouti belong to the US.   The United States has been supporting the Saudi Arabian massacre in Yemen, air raids that mostl target civilians,  with logistical assistance, weapons and political cover at the United Nations.    The US has sent a warship to enforce the Saudi Blockade of Yemen.   Sending the aid to Djibouti to hand off to US controlled ditribution would inconsistent with the motivation to provide the aid to the innocent civlians in Yemen., ~JB

Let Us “Help The Oppressed”

Caleb-with-Iran-ShahedThis ship not only contains water, flour, and medical supplies, but also 50 passengers including myself. Among us are 3 general surgeons, 2 anesthesiologists, 4 general physicians, the technicians of an operating theater, and the technicians of anesthesia. The entire population of this ship aside from the peace activists, the crew, and a few Iranian journalists, are medical volunteers.

These men are very devout muslims, moved by their faith to “help the oppressed” as they have been instructed by important figures in the history of their religion. They don’t want to go to Djibouti, they
want to go to Yemen and begin to treat the injuries of men, women, and children who are facing horrific atrocities at the hands of the Saudi criminals and their Wall Street masters.

These Iranian men are not ignorant of what is going on, like the US public is. The media in the United States and Western Europe has largely ignored and mischaracterized what is taking place in Yemen. They have tried to pass it off as a “proxy war” or religious conflict.

The media in Iran is very different. Iranians see every day on their TV screens what the Saudis are doing to the people of Yemen. The men on this ship have watched mothers hug their children who are now
missing arms and legs. They have seen the hospitals and power plants that have been demolished. They have seen all the horrific war crimes being committed by the Saudi regime, and they are moved to take action. The doctors aboard want to do as they have sworn to do in the oath of their profession. They want to use their medical training to provide relief and assistance.

A Humanitarian Mission

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a sovereign nation, and it has received permission from another sovereign nation, Yemen, to deliver 2,500 tons of water, flour, and medicine.

There is no question about the humanitarian nature of this mission. A letter declaring the mission has been sent to the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Society headquarters in Geneva, as well as to the
Red Crescent Societies of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The loading of the ship was a public event, with various media outlets from throughout the region filming the humanitarian goods as they were put onboard.

Everything that entered this vessel was thoroughly inspected to make sure that NOTHING that could be  weapons on this ship would be an extreme violation of the charter and principles of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, as it is a purely humanitarian, non-military organization.

Iranian leaders are right not to allow a Saudi inspection to take place. As someone from the United States in the middle of the Persian gulf, the last thing I want is the barrel of a Saudi gun pointed in my face. How do we know the Saudis would not use such an inspection as an opportunity to plant weapons in order to tarnish the image of the Iranians, and legally endanger me and my fellow peace activists?

Despite all the facts, the Israeli criminals still maintain that their attacks on a similar humanitarian mission to Gaza were justified. The billionaires who run this world are ruthless masters of deception.

Food and Medicine as a “Provocation?”

Iran-Shahed-posterUS officials have used words like “provocation” in response to our mission. What kind of world are we living in, when the Red Crescent Society, bringing a boat full of medical supplies and food is considered a provocation?

For weeks the Saudi regime has been committing horrific war crimes in Yemen. The day before we departed it was reported that the Saudis bombed a school full of innocent Yemeni children. The United Nations
Security Council, the International Criminal Court, and all of the major bodies supposedly responsible for keeping peace have sat back and allowed these horrific crimes to take place. The United States has supported the Saudi attack.

Yet, now the United States is bombastically ordering Iran not to send a boat full of doctors, medical professionals, water, flour, and medicine to those in need.

I am forced to think of my comrades in the Venceremos Brigade and Pastors for Peace who have so  delivered aid to Cuba throughout the last few decades. What kind of twisted world is it when delivering water, food, and medical supplies involves so many risks and consequences?

In the United States, the wealthiest country in the world, those who manufacture the tanks, cruise missiles, and nuclear weapons are among the richest and most powerful people. They are joined by those who own the health insurance cartels who make their profits denying care to those in need. Let us not forget the owners of private prisons, who enrich themselves locking people away, and subjecting them to inhuman tortures like solitary confinement.

In this twisted system of modern neo-liberal capitalism, it is those who harm others who are rewarded. People like me, who seek to deliver aid to people who are suffering, face extreme threats and condemnation.

I urge everyone who may be otherwise inclined, to allow us to complete our mission. Let us reach the port of Hodeidah, where the Yemenis who have suffered so much are anxiously awaiting our delivery.

** Caleb’s previous post from the “Iran Shahed”.

Let The Hungry Children of Yemen Live!
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Editor’s note: If you would like to sign a petition asking that the Saudi Prince who as Minister of Defence is responsible for this onslaught be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC), please click HERE.

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