Massacres in Paris, San Bernardino and the World

Paris caused a devastated western society to gasp in horror.   Nearly 150 dead, the second massacre in Paris this year.  Mainstream newspapers and social media published photos of victims on the internet.  It is true, as the Quran implies, that every life in it’s unique perfection is the equal of all lives.   But there is something to be said for noting, at the very least, every life stolen by unjust wars and terrorism.   In that light, let us consider the following

A few days before, 50 some odd innocent people were killed by a car bomb in Beirut.  No one cared.

Before that, an attack in Ankara, on peaceful protesters supporting peace with the Kurds killed around 100.

Boko Haram used bombs to kill more than 100 innocent people in Nigeria the same week.   No one noticed,

224 killed when  a Russian civilian airplane flying over the Sinai was shot down.  You might find their names and photos in a Russian Newspaper or social media site   the US was kept out of the investigation.

Hundreds of protesters killed by al Sisi as he ascended to power, displacing the Muslim Brotherhood, and hundreds more sentenced to death in Egyptian courts.   Al Sisi is and was supported by the United States despite the fact that he displaced an elected president in a coup

298 killed when a Malaysian civilian airplane was shot down as it passed over the Ukraine.   The US insists it was the ‘rebels’ but will not provide whatever data they have to back up this claim.

8,000 Eastern Ukrainians dead in a war following a western backed coup in the Ukraine to remove a president who had already called for early elections.   The US actively supported the coup and provides weapons to the new fascist government which they now use to make war on the eastern provinces.

225,000 killed in a Syrian war where the an insurgency was instigated, funded and armed by US allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel et. al. – The death toll continues to rise with almost all of the weapons used by ISIS and al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria) US made..  The United States is prolonging the conflict by undermining the negotiations with its demand that Assad must go

6000 Yemenites dead in a war perpetrated on the country by a coalition of the Gulf Emirates led by neighboring Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis are finally finding ground troops other than Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula after nine months of arial bombing.,  The US is providing weapons and intelligence to the Saudi coalition,  refueling their planes in the air, and has actively supported the siege.  The US is providing political cover at the United Nations.

I used to say all the time that comparing drone warfare to carpet bombing is irrelevant because drones are primarily used in places where they can’t use standard planes to bomb under international law.   But I was wrong.  In Yemen, they found a way to trade drone warfare for carpet bombing – use a proxy known to all as barbaric – then defend them as if they had a right to make war on their neighbors.   But I digress –

During this period n Palestine, Israel has perpetrated three wars on Gaza with mostly US weapons and protected from UN War crimes probes by the United States

  • Cast Lead: 1417 Palestinians including 926 civilians including more than 300 children dead, 13 Israeli soldiers dead, 10 by friendly fire
  • Pillar of Defense: 167 Palestinians killed including 87 civilians:
  • Protective Edge: Over 2000 Palestinians killed including more than 1400 civilians, 66 Israeli soldiers and 2 civilians

In Libya, Colonel Muamar Qaddhafi was deposed by terrorist gangs with NATO air support to the tune of 10,000 – 15,000 lives.   But of course,the violence continues and no one is keeping count any longer.

In Iraq, more than a million dead due to US invasion and occupation.   4500  US soldiers died as well.

Hundreds of thousands of Kurds dead due to the fact that they were not recognized as a country after WWI

Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 deaths in the Iran-Iraq war, where the US was arming both sides and providing intelligence to Iraq

People in LIbya and Iraq, in Gaza and many parts of Syria once lived middle class lives with clean running water and sewage removal, education leading to professional jobs, health care and secure homes with electricity around the clock.   Those days are gone.

6.000 -10.000 killed in drone strikes   There is no reliable estimate of civilian vs militant deaths as the United States logs every death of a man as a militant casualty.     Women and children are often not counted for cultural reasons.

Yes.   We can and must mourn.   But lets mourn for all of the victims of terrorism – not just the few who happened to live in western cities.


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