Missing Persons and the GWoT

Many innocent people have been ‘disappeared’ in the course of the United States Global War of Terror.    Many innocent men have been swept from the Streets of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Iraq and other places associated with U.S. wars.   Here is Amina Masood Janjua telling her story.   Her story is powerful because, before her husband’s abduction, her family was like most of ours, a middle class family with a comfortable life.   Her husband was a business man who traveled, he was a Pakistani Muslim like so many others, almost everyone in that country, and he did not support any fanatical religious organizations or causes.   He was just a guy. 

Here I Amina telling about what happened to her and her family:

If you care about her plight, please do something to end the wars. The victims are piling up around the world and their cause is hindered by the ongoing imperial United States wars and proxy wars across the globe, where governments and individuals are paid to provide bad-guys for American consumption. It seems so foolish and counterproductive, and yet – it is true. If everyone hates you and no one trusts you, then you don’t have good intelligence. If you don’t have intelligence, you have to just sweep up anyone and try to get some, or just plain fake it.

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