Nation Wreckers, Inc

Brett H. McGurk is an American lawyer and diplomat who was appointed by President Barack Obama on 23 October 2015 as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL.

Here’s an excerpt of McGurk’s statement at a recent press conference,

Unanimously, nobody wants the Syrian regime to come back.  Regime symbols, regime military forces.  In terms of administrative services, teachers, hospitals, who pays those salaries, that is something where the Syrians are going to have to work out.  We are not in the business of, as I said, nation building operations.             ~ RT, May 21: 10:14

Nation wreckers, I’d call them.

So,  nobody wants the ‘regime’ to come back?     Nobody wants the Syrian Arab Army to come back.    Who unanimously wants to crush the Syrian Republic and the Syrian Army so that they never come back?     Whom is McGurk speaking for?   Is he speaking for the 68 nations of the coalition President Obama appointed him to lead?   Their stated goal is to get rid of ISIS,  not the Syrian nation state.

Who is it that unanimously wants Syria to meet the fate of of Iraq  and Libya?  This is precisely the goal of US foreign policy, but having visited Syria twice in the last 2 years, I can assure you that it isn’t the desire of most Syrians.   .  These remarks are just another case, I suppose,  of  a US ‘diplomat’ losing track of  the line between the public pretense and the truth.  ISIS is unworthy of mention in the context of major objectives.  Of course, many will say that this isn’t  news.   The US has been openly gunning for Syrian President Assad and the Syrian ‘regime’ since the fighting began in 2011.  Still, these remarks are  particularly disturbing because they openly target the institutions of state and not just the president.    McGurk never mentions Assad, but he refers to  ‘regime symbols’.   When I was in Syria, people told me that the President is the symbol of the unity of the Syrian people.   Perhaps they know this.

A detail to note: McGurk says that in the absence of the state, there will be no one to maintain hospitals and pay school teachers.       While we have the US mainstream media, and much of the alternative press as well, along with the major establishment NGOs, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, constantly railing against the Syrian state and the Syrian army for destroying schools and hospitals, McGurk here admits that the Syrian state is paying for these services.    And, it’s true.   They are not only paying for them in all government controlled areas, but in many recently reconciled and nominally ‘opposition held’ areas.

And what about ISIL?    Mr. McGurk’s State Department Biography says that he “leads a global coalition of 68 members and helps coordinate all aspects of U.S. policy related to the ultimate destruction of ISIS”.      I.H.S. Markit, a global intelligence firm, recently released a report titled “Study Shows Islamic State’s Primary Opponent in Syria Is Government Forces” and “Weakening Syrian government would extend life of the Islamic State’s caliphat”.    Interesting in light of his remarks which assert that ‘somebody, or maybe everybody’ – is he representing some other group than the one he leads? – wants to completely eradicate the the most effective force on the ground fighting ISIL – ISIS.  In fact, they are determined to eradicate it so that it will never come back.

So, aside from the moral obscenity of the agenda he presents, McGurk’s assertions are directly in opposition to the stated goals of the coalition he was appointed by President Obama to lead.    And by the way, he’s wrong.  The vast majority of the Syrian people want the  Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Arab Republic to continue, and for their country to be restored to its former integrity.




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