Netanyahu Says Hamas’ Rockets are ‘Nothing’

Today I thought I might take a break from the atrocities of imperialism and skip the news.  But I found myself drawn, perhaps by habit, and turned on Democracy Now! at 8:00.   And there he was, Benjamin Netanyahu, standing in Tel Aviv airport complaining bitterly about one small U.S. restraint in an atmosphere of overwhelming support. He’s mad because the FAA decided to stop sending American commercial flights into Israel because of the ‘rockets raining down’. Here’s what he said:

“We protect this airport. There’s no reason whatsoever for the mistaken FAA decision to instruct American planes not to come here. I think you’re proving it by coming here. Where I stand, the prime minister of Israel, where you stand, anybody can stand. I think this decision only rewards the Hamas terrorists for nothing. You can fly in and out of Israel, and I hope that the FAA rescinds this decision as soon as possible.”

Yes, the Israeli PM wants to have his cake and eat it too,   What else is new?   It is necessary to slaughter the residents of Gaza to stop the rockets from raining down.  But when concern over the rockets inconveniences him – then they are ‘nothing’.

But fear not dear Ben, the FAA has lifted the restriction.  I guess you are right that those rockets are indeed ‘nothing’.   If only you would do the obvious.  Call your troops back  and free the people of Gaza.

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