Propaganda, Ignorance and American Exceptionalism

A significant Syrian achievement in Idlib province is reported, falsely, as the commission of a War Crime.   A few days ago the Syrian Arab Army recovered a pivotal military base from Al Qaeda (Al Nusra .  .  . Hayat Tahir, from now on I’m going to call them Al Qaeda in Syria).    This is important because, among other things, the base yields final control of the Damascus to Aleppo Road and it is a significant step towards rescuing Foua and Kefraya, a couple of Shia Towns which have been long held and much abused by the local fanatics.  ** Syriana Analysis: The Geopolitics of Abu al-Duhur Military Base

A couple of days later, one of the primary sources for Western propaganda tweeted that the base was suffering a chlorine attack by the SAA.    US officials dutifully howled in outrage.  

I don’t know where this guy is located, probably in Turkey somewhere.  In any case, he apparently didn’t know or didn’t care that the SAA had already taken over the base and established a presence there.   But that didn’t stop the US officials from picking up the story and reporting it as true.

Meanwhile, Syria has taken a significant step towards freeing the province of Idlib and restoring civility there.

And then there is this:

North and South Korea have got together for a round of diplomacy.  Talks resulted in South Korea inviting North Korea to join the Olympics there this year.   Better yet, they decided to participate in the games as a single team, the Korean team.   The Trump administration responded with significant concern that they might not be able to address the problems in Korea peacefully and a military solution might be necessary.   ** Zoom In Korea: North and South Discuss Olympic Cooperation|US Considers “Limited Strike” on North Korea



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