UN Sets Up Camps Outside Raqqa

This interview streamed by RT earlier today is beyond weird:


There are images of sweet, well dressed children eating food in a refugee camp.   The UN spokesperson says that they are setting up camps to receive the refugees when the US bombing starts.  The US needs to save face after their bloody work in Mosul and Idlib.    He says that they (the UN) are urging all parties to abide by International and humanitarian law. ISIS?   They are urging ISIS to abide by humanitarian law?  He says that they have set up camps in the area and they are receiving people.   But how?   Is ISIS allowing  their human shields walk away from Raqqa?

They want us to believe that ISIS, brutal, ruthless Daesh (to use his term) is allowing the United Nations to set up camps in oases near Raqqa and then allowing civilians to walk (and drive) away with trucks filled with their possessions even before the fighting has even begun.   Is this the same organization that has kept the people of Mosul trapped while fighting from house to house?  The people of Mosul, a city of 2 or 3 million,  were forced to flee in the midst of the violence with only the clothes on their backs.   The ones who made it to safety were the lucky ones.   Is this  the same organization that had a presence in Aleppo where Al Nusra and ISIS fighters hoarded the food and medicine and shot at civilians who tried to use the humanitarian corridors set up by the Syrian and Russian Armies?

The interviewer asks him to compare Raqqa to Mosul and no one mentions that Raqqa is a tenth the population of Mosul.   He says that,  in terms of ‘access’ the situation is worse.   It’s hard to aid people in a ‘consistent way’.   I am wondering what aid they have ever given to the people of  Raqqa.   We haven’t heard about it before.   The commentator points out that we haven’t heard much about Raqqa compared to Mosul.    She wonders if the current attention (operation) hasn’t got something to do with the chemical attack in Idlib.   He says that he isn’t interested in comparing media coverage.   Raqqa has our attention now so there you have it.

What is going on here?  Whether or not the chemical attack is related to the western aggression against ISIS in Eastern Syria, what’s with ISIS?   They are acting very differently than they have elsewhere when they were under threat.   One has to wonder what they are up to and who is calling the shots.

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