Reports From The War Zone

I’m posting below the videos of Kathy Kelly, Buddy Bell and Cathy Breen presenting at the Flying Squirrel Community Space.   They bring us the reality that we have bestowed on other peoples through our imperialist wars and occupations in their countries.

They have with them a ‘Bean Poll’.    Two jars, labeled “Pentagon, Continued Warand “Reparations and Reconstruction” and a bag of beans.  They ask us to vote with our hands.   We can take as many beans as we want, but with our beans, we then choose our future.

If you have the heart to view these reports, you will be touched by a reality that is far closer to us than we can imagine.   Click here to view them:

Many thanks to Al Brundage for creating these videos.   You can find them in their original posting, here.

The Presentations:


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