Rochester Palestinians and Friends Come out to Support the People of Gaza

Once again Israel is slaughtering the residents of Gaza.    After 2 weeks of night raids and invasions of the privacy of the Palestinian people; after Israel had captured and incarcerated more than 250 men and boys without charge in vengeance for the killing of 3 Jewish boys from  Hebron.  Hebron is a boiling pot where Jewish Settlers regularly harass and humiliate the Palestinians who have lived there for generations, steal their homes and destroy their shops.  If that weren’t enough, Israel has begun a massive air assault on Gaza which has taken more than 100 lives, 80% civilian.  Israel blames Hamas for their own deeds.

Thursday, I called for a Rally in solidarity with Palestine,    I was having trouble getting a commitment on time though a number of people had shown an interest in coming out,   finally I said, “That’s It!  Friday at 4:30.”   The result was a success.   Representatives from different anti-war groups came out.  But the real success was all the Palestinians that came out to support their brothers and sisters in Gaza.  We really wanted to be there.  But, with a ground invasion coming, we should think about coming out again later this week in even greater numbers.  You can see the photo gallery at the end of this post. 

There is no doubt that the abduction and murder of the Jewish boys was a crime.  But after the apprehension of the prime suspects in the crime,  most of those incarcerated during the weeks before were not released.  And of course, the 11 who were murdered will not be returned to their loved ones.    In response to rockets fired into Israel in protest of these actions, Israel has launched a massacre.  Now there are more than 200 dead and hundreds more wounded and likely to die due to lack of resources for treatment.

According to today’s Democracy Now! 80% of casualties have been civilians The hospitals are running out of supplies and Israel, which controls Gaza’s  borders will not allow any supplies to go in, even to United Nations Organizations.   Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and Israeli air strikes are driving people from their homes to the streets.  A ground invasion is imminent if it hasn’t already begun.

These are attacks on people who do not have the resources to defend themselves.    When I hear that they are standing strong, that is all well and good but it is time to stop the attacks now.   These are Crimes Against Humanity and clear violations of international Human Rights Law.  The US government has stood defiantly behind these atrocities.    Jen Psaki, a State Department spokesperson repeatedly said, at a press briefing last week, that the Israelis have a right to defend themselves, but even when repeatedly.pressed she could not  say that the Palestinians have the same human right.    As Americans, we need to stand up against this barbarity and demand that our government do the same.

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