Sarah Working on “Evening Without Borders” in NYC

My friend Sarah Ahmed has posted a video interview to promote her latest project:

An Evening Without Borders, New York Style

Here is what she has to say about it:

Restoring hope in people that believe-in-people and creating a moment of hope over and over again until enough of us will realize that the war in the Middle East is silly and we better learn how to live with each other.   

I am committed to peace in the Middle East and it starts with me as the first building block. It starts with me by creating an event called “Evening Without Borders NY Style”, an event that will restore hope. This event will leave us inspired and with a strong belief that peace is a real possibility in the Middle East. So here a bit more about the event:

Evening Without Borders NY Style is an event that I designed to restore hope for peace in the Middle East between people that believe-in-people. It will create unique moments thru singing, dancing and reading poetry. These moments will help the participants believe that peace between people in the Middle East is a present reality.

The event is designed to bring people that are emotionally connected to the Middle East i.e., Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt. The targeted audiences are college graduate age to seniors. Groups, couples and single participants are welcome.

The event Evening Without Borders NY Style will bring together music, dance, poetry and art that will transform the event space to a sacred place. The evening will be an orchestrated collage of cultures that will remind people that we are one.

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Directed by: Mustafa B. Mahmood
Edited by: Mariam Ahmed

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