Serena Shim on Turkey

Serena-ShimSerena Shim, a Lebanese American, reported for Press TV on the Syrian militants in Turkey.  . Her death, last week in a car crash in Turkey.  raised some serious questions.    Because Turkish Intelligence recently threatened to put her in prison, some believe that she was murdered, either by Turkish Intelligence or the CIA which is operating out of Incirlik in Turkey. Both US and Turkish intelligence is deeply involved in training and supporting the international jihadists traveling to and from Syria.   The story she presents is one few Americans have seen, and it’s an eye opener with regard to Turkish and US involvement in the Syrian war.  

Here is the Press TV release on her death including  her last report from Turkey

This video is from a year ago last summer.  Serena’s report corroberates Seymour Hersh’s investigative article, The Red Line and the Rat Line, where he defines the ‘rat line’ as the route weapons were following from Libya to Syria through Turkey.  But there’s more.

Turkey’s Pivotal Role in Syria’s Insurgency: PressTV Report from Inside Turkey

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