Barbarians at the Gate

I like to show events from the perspective of the people involved.  Hassan Nasrallah is a highly respected leader in Lebanon, as well as in other countries in the region.   And yet from the standpoint of many Americans, Nasrallah and Hizbollah are in the same class with al Baghdadi and  ISIS.   Conversely when they want to make ISIS look good (to cover up the beheadings and mass murders) they tell us that like Hizbollah, they have the buses running.   Hizbollah is the volunteer fire department and the ambulance.  They have built hospitals and rebuilt thousands of homes.  People join to participate in their community and in many cases, return the blessings they have received.

Nasrallah is a scholar and a highly respected man in Lebanon and Syria.  His organization has won 2 wars against Israel, and yet they have not previously acted outside their borders.  Representatives of Hizbollah participate in the Lebanese political context without asking any special privileges, and without having their leadership run for office.  Their closest political ally is a liberal Christian party led by Michel Aoun.   Although they have a fundamentalist religious base, they have not enforced conservative social rules on anyone, and have a reputation for providing services without discrimination.

In this video Hassan Nasrallah, defends Hizbollah support for the Syrian government in the ongoing ‘civil’ war which seems more and more like the foreign invasion that Bashar Assad said they were fighting early on.     This speech was made in late March when Hizbollah joined the fight and Nasrallah was pressured to justify their engagement.   His words were prophetic.

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