Syria What’s Ahead? Diplomacy or Military Escalation (VIDEO)

This week, the International Action Center hosted an informative forum on Syria with many excellent speakers.  Among them were several members of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Administrative Committee, all of whom have been closely monitoring the disastrous war on Syria over the last 4 years, which was one of the topics highlighted in our conference last spring.   Sara Flounders, Joe Lombardo and Margaret Kimberly of the Black Agenda Report were joined by former US Attorney General and international legal counsel Ramsey Clark, Dr. Ghiass Moussa of the Syrian American Forum and Larry Hamm of the People’s Organization for Progress in Newark New Jersey.   David Swanson and Cynthia McKinney joined the panel through video presentations. 

The event, which was live streamed , is now on Youtube. .   This video is a must see for those who want to understand the US involvement in the Middle East and how it relates to the racial and economic issues in this country right now.  If you have an hour and a half to view the whole thing, I highly recommend doing so.  This is a panel of uniquely informed individuals with diverse perspectives.

However, if you don’t have time for anything more, at least take a few minutes to listen to Larry Hamm whose remarks begin 34 minutes into the program and last about 12 minutes.     Larry is a powerful speaker who represents an organization deeply engaged with confronting domestic racism, police brutality and economic disenfranchisement of immigrants and people of color.    The People’s Organization for Progress (POP) lives in Newark, New Jersey, a densely populated, mostly non-white working class city.  Larry is well versed in the flaws of US global policy of endless war, and articulate in expressing the way in which that is related to the immediate issues faced by African Americans, immigrant Americans and ultimately, all Americans.

The entire Panel Discussion:

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