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Looking to Syria’s Future

Bashar Assad speaking on August 20, 2017 on the corruption of the West and looking East for Syria’s future.   The video is subtitled, and  there is  transcript included in the original post by Sayed Hasan.

As he came to power, Bashar Assad was somewhat impressed by Western culture and the possibilities opened by attempting …

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US Peace Council on Syria: Terrorism in Syria Sponsored by the US

Members of the US Peace Council and our Fact Finding Peace Delegation to Syria recently published the following video on Syria.   It provides an excellent overview of what is really happening in Syria.

Terrorism in Syria: Sponsored by the U.S. with Middle Eastern & European Allies

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Reconciliation is the Only Way Forward for Syria

Yesterday was quite an interesting day.   We met with President Assad in the morning and talked at some length.    We began by exchanging introductions and then we asked him some very serious questions.   We were not allowed to record the session but many of us took at least some notes.    He told us that his strongest focus is on representing the Syrian people and holding the state together on their behalf.    He described numerous programs the Syrian state has enacted to protect the people during this very difficult time.   The government has converted schools and other buildings into refugee centers. They continue to provide, to the best of their ability,  free education and medical care to everyone in the government held areas; they supply power, clean water and food even to areas that are occupied by militants where it is possible.

And he proudly told us that the Syrian Arab Army, an army of the people which is defending the country against a brutal attack, have finally closed the road from Aleppo to Turkey.   This is very important because the militants in East Aleppo, and especially Al Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, have been receiving money and weapons from Turkey.    He then told us that he had just issued the order to implement the humanitarian corridors and amnesty for Syrian nationals.  He said that there are two ways to deplete the violence.  The first is to fight to the bitter end.  The other is to provide an incentive for people to stop fighting and give them a safe passage back to the lives they have left.

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