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Syria and the Syrian Refugees

I had a very interesting experience last night.  I was asked to sit on a panel on the ‘Syrian Refugee Crisis’ at a college about 50 miles from home where there would be 2 other speakers, both professors at the school.   One was a philosophy professor who spoke about the ethics of war, and the other a historian who spoke about the European response, and especially the German response to the flood of refugees.   They invited me to give some background on Syria.

Syria, over the last half century, has taken in more refugees from the region and treated them better than any other country in the region.   They have a couple of million Palestinians living there and took in at least 1.5 million Iraqis.   The children were welcomed in schools and basic medical care was provided. Sadly, Syria is now the source of refugees.   The majority of displaced Syrians remain inside Syria where they are supported by the Syrian government,  Even so, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon are flooded with refugees, and thousands more are crossing into Europe   Most would prefer to return to their homes in Syria.

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